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Can I use all datastep function in macro using %sysfunc??


OR do we have limited function where I can use with %sysfunc??


Please help

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Re: %sysfunc

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Re: %sysfunc

There are exceptions. Please see the list of "SAS Functions Not Available with %SYSFUNC and %QSYSFUNC" in the documentation.

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Re: %sysfunc

A more important question than "do we have limited function where I can use with %sysfunc?", is when is it a good idea to go down that route.  Sysfunc is a great command, and useful in many situations, but if you find your using it a lot, then you may want to look at your code and see if it can be written in such a way as to be more readble.  To often things like:


is used just to squeeze normal Base SAS code into macro form.  I rarely come across situations where base SAS cannot do something far simpler, and easier to read.

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Re: %sysfunc

There are limited SAS functions that can be used with %sysfunc, and there are also macro specific functions you can use without the %sysfunc.  I would suggest looking at the documentation that has been provided to determine which function you want and if it's already a macro function, or if you can use it inside a %sysfunc.

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Re: %sysfunc

Would it be possible to elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish with the function ? 

Kannan Deivasigamani
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