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switching b/n editors!!

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switching b/n editors!!


do we have any short cut for switching b/n SAS  Editor ( like b/n log , editor , result..)

we have the shortcut like Alt + tab for MS WINDOWS............

                                            ctrl+pagedown for excel sheets........



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Re: switching b/n editors!!

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Press F9 in the Enhanced Editor window (or type keys in the command bar) to see the commands associated with special keyboard keys by default. You can change and save these if you want. Typically F6 brings up the LOG window and F7, the OUTPUT window, etc. Be aware that special keys can different meanings in every window.


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Re: switching b/n editors!!

it is that"beware" at the end of pgstats message that promptd my suggestion:  adopt the ctrl+f6standard in microsoft office apps (and other apps support it too).

This combination cycles through the "child" windows of the "current app".

Try it to see.

Probably it doesn't take you directly- but repeated use(hold ctrl and repeatedlypress f6) will lead you tothe window you wanted.

Of course you can memorise the short cut keys of each separate wimdow or get used to opening the kets window and checking/setting the fn key combo to take you to the target window  but I found repeating ctrl+f6 just great!

(still, i always assume ctrl+L will take me to the log)


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Re: switching b/n editors!!

But knowledge of the Keys window allows setting exactly what is wanted, within the limitations of SAS window commands.

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Re: switching b/n editors!!

the problem is that i use so many different windows within sas that each have differing key sets  defined  and many dont have for example ctrl+L defined for the saslog or F5 defined as nxtwpgm (i think thay is the command for next enhanced editor). The viewtable window keys appear to be "cleaned out" apart from 1 or 2.

and repeating F6 with the ctrl key pressed is sooo easy

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