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sql or report

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sql or report

The data set has the following variables:

Last_Name First_Name City State Zip GHTM date drug mg_dispensed has the values from Jan 2008 and is in the format date9.
2.drug has two categories:
Competitor and Nordi.
3.Mg_dispensed is the mg dispensed for drug numeric.

Last_Name First_Name City State Zip GHTM Q1_09_Total_mg Q1_09_Nordi Q2_09_Total_mg Q2_09_Nordi....Q1_08_Total_mg Q1_08_Nordi_mg
John Peter abc pq 12345 JSEQ 36542 24.3%

in the output:

Q1_09_Total_mg is the total mg dispensed by the physician i.e sum of competitor and Nordi in the first qtr of 09.
Q1_09_Nordi is the total nordi share in the first qtr of 09.

Actually , the quarters appear from current qtr ,(2009 second qtr) to 2008 all four qtrs in the report.
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Re: sql or report

From your SUBJECT, it appears that you are looking for feedback on which approach to take - that being "PROC SQL or PROC REPORT"?

Of course, a DATA step approach allows ultimate flexibility, however a combination of PROC TRANSPOSE and PROC REPORT (or maybe only PROC REPORT with ACROSS, but maybe not with those desired column headings you show) would do the job.

Scott Barry
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