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sas running and free disk

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sas running and free disk

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Hello experts,

  • Please, If many sas programs are running for many users, so how can we make one  program running in the first and stop the using of the others users  for the free disk.
  • Sas is under unix 
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Re: sas running and free disk

Isn't this an operating system question?

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Re: sas running and free disk

This needs to be done on the operating system side. In AIX (which we use), the tool is the IBM Workload Manager.

Talk with your system administrator.


Be aware that configuring and running such tools is not trivial. It is probably easier to deal with the disk space issue by setting up quotas in the WORK location.

All our users have a quota in WORK, with the exception of the user used by the scheduler for SAS batch jobs.

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