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sas proc http

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sas proc http

i am using the below code in EG to download federal rates from the url. But each time it throws error.Kindly help.


filename out 'C:\Users\islams\out.csv';

proc http method='get'









ERROR: Connection refused


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Re: sas proc http

Well, your code seems fine from a SAS perspective, and clicking on the link does download the file.  I doesn't however do anything on my machine either, so I would assume that website does not allow that type of access, or that you need login details to be able to do this type of task.  Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of this forum, either contact your IT to check, and/or that website to see what is needed.

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Re: sas proc http

How do you run SAS? If you have a client/server install, you most probably have no permission to use the proxy from the server. This would also invalidate your C:\ path for the outfile, as you might not have write access to that path on the server.

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Re: sas proc http

How confident are you about those proxy settings?  Have those worked for you before?

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