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sas option fmtsearch

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sas option fmtsearch

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Please, When I use the instructions :  put(v2, $frt2.) et

option fmtsearch = (lib1  lib2) ; It do not get any error message, but sas 9.4 does apply the instruction put(v2, $frt2.)

I still usually with the value v2. why ?



libname  lib1  "\rep1\format1";

libname  lib2  "\rep2\format2";


option fmtsearch = (lib1  lib2) ;


Proc sql;

 create table  test as

select v1,

         put(v2, $frt2.)

from toto;








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Re: sas option fmtsearch

Look at the documentation but I think you need to specify the catalog name if it is not formats.


options fmtsearch=(lib1.myfmts lib2.morefmts);



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Re: sas option fmtsearch

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Can't test it right now, but might you need to specify where to put the result such as:


put(v2, $frt2.) as v2


Also worth checking:  are you expecting the FRT format to exist in LIB2 but it actually also exists (with a different definition) in LIB1?

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