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sas how to remove before value

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sas how to remove before value

Hi here i have a small  issue in base sas . i have assain blfl variable 'Y' here how to avoied before value 


data ex;
input pi test$ result;
101 gluk 130
101 gluk 140
101 gluk 158
101 gluk 148
101 gluk 145
101 gluk 148
101 prot 200
101 prot 210
101 prot 220
101 prot 290
101 prot 220
101 prot 217


data exp;
set ex;
by pi result;
if result=140 or result=210 then blfl='Y';
else blfl='.';


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Re: sas how to remove before value

The by statement causes and error because the dataset ex is not properly sorted.

The retain statement without a variable has no effect.

Could you please post the intended result?

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Re: sas how to remove before value

I agree with Kurt, you need to show what your intended result is.  Here is a guess:


data want;

set have;

by pi test;

if first.test=0 then blfl='Y';



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