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sas code lost

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sas code lost


I have saved my programs. Now when i open my programs there code is missing. I lost all the program codes except 4 programs. Why it is so like that? How can I retrieve them? plz do help.


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Re: sas code lost

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Sorry, but how on earth do you thonk that anyone can help, given this limited amount of information?
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Re: sas code lost

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Which tool are you using?


- SAS University Edition (SAS Studio)

- SAS OnDemand for Academics (SAS Studio hosted in SAS cloud)

- Base SAS Studio in your organization

- SAS Enterprise Guide

- SAS windowing environment ("Base SAS")


All of the tools have automatic backup and recovery for content "in progress", but you should combine these with good practices, such as:

 - Name and save your SAS programs as you work on them

 - If using SAS Enterprise Guide, save the program files as external files or name and save your SAS Enterprise Guide project (which collects all of your work together)

 - Save your work often -- a good practice with any application



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Re: sas code lost

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If your using SAS EG then go to Tools>Options>Project Recovery and check if the Enable Project Recovery is checked or not. If it is checked you can see the location below where the project is recovered. Navigate to that location and see if there is a .EGP or .RCV files in folder or sub folders. If it is .egp then try to open and if it's .rcv then change the extension to .egp and open.

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