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sas 9.4 en microsoft office 2010

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sas 9.4 en microsoft office 2010

Dear all,


our company recently moved from sas 9.3 to sas 9.4 so we moved from 32bit to 64bit.

Now i have performance issues. Some programs ran for 30 mins now turned into 5-6 hours.... And the main issue is Microsoft office.


Loading data into accdb (300k records and 8 variables takes approx 40 minutes... it used to be like 5 minutes).


Is it possible that issue is : SAS 9.4 = 64 bits, Microsoft Office 2010 : 32 bits.


Is there a workaround?

I use libname odbc to access accdb files

We have following licenses :


---Base SAS Software
---SAS/Secure 168-bit
---SAS/Secure Windows
---SAS Enterprise Guide
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC
---SAS/IML Studio
---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access
---High Performance Suite

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Re: sas 9.4 en microsoft office 2010

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Did you install the PC Files Server?

Did you perhaps also change to a Server configuration?

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Re: sas 9.4 en microsoft office 2010

I work in a big company.


I dont think we have PC Files Server

Configuration changed from SAS 9.3 to 9.4. (We also have a server environment)



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