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report two variables in same column

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report two variables in same column

I have two variables that need to be reported in the same colum in PROC REPORT. First term and second term  are the variables.


 First term

  (Second term)

First term1

  (Seond term1)


Similarly I have two date varaible (date1 and date2) I want to include in the same column as well.





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Re: report two variables in same column

Hi: Please post a sample of your actual data or of fake data in the same structure and an example of the code you have tried so far. Also useful to know will be the type of report output you want: HTML, RTF, PDF, etc. Without data and other pertinent information, people would just be guessing at the structure of your data. For example are all the variables on the same observation? Are the values Pre-summarized -- do you really only have terms and dates? Where do the dates go on the final report on the row with First Term or on the row with second term? Or, do the dates go on a row by themselves.


There's really not quite enough information to het you started or make a constructive suggestion.



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Re: report two variables in same column

COMPUTE block can do that. As Cynthia point out , Post some data and the output you want to see .
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