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replace the characters

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replace the characters

I need to replace the characters with others, but when write this, code don't work



%macro example();

%let decodedata=f"eif";
%put decodedata=&decodedata; 
%let decodedata1=%sysfunc(tranwrd(&decodedata,",&quot));
%put decodedata1=&decodedata1;
%mend example;



 and when write

%let decodedata1=%sysfunc(tranwrd(&decodedata,' " ',&quot));


get the original string in response. What's wrong?

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Re: replace the characters

Posting log with options symbolgen mprint and mlogic activated will show what happened.


From the code you posted:

  • the variable &quot is undefined
  • in macro-code an empty string is %str( )
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Re: replace the characters

Look at the log, the macro fails because of the unbalanced double quote, and the single %let fails because of the undefined symbol quot. Note that " is something that works in HTML, but not as some kind of tag in SAS.


What are you trying to achieve? With complicated replacements involving quotes, I'd do it in a data step with symget() and call symputx(). Using data step functions in data steps is always easier and more transparent.

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Re: replace the characters

Why are you doing data manipulation in SAS Macro when there is a fully fledged language for such a purpose called base SAS?  You are setting yourself up for bad unstable coding.

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Re: replace the characters

This is untested but should work.  Change this:




Use this instead:




If it's possible, I do agree with the others that claim you would be well-served by switching to SAS language instead of macro language.

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