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regular expressions

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regular expressions

I'm not that good at reg exp. I tried my luck ..was not sucessful. Need your help on this.

I have a filed called "Drug_name". It will have the list of drugs. example: Paracetmol 4.8MG VIAL

The task is to extract the digits from it. in this case its 4.8.

Possible scenarios:
the number of digits vary between 1 and 4
so we need to have an or condition for number of digits d d\d d\d\d d\d\d\d

and we should consider decimal also between two digits as in the example.

the values should go to the filed called strength,.

in this case strength is 4.8

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Re: regular expressions

Use ANYALPHA to test if non-numeric present, then use COMPRESS function to remove chars A-Z after UPCASE, in a DATA step to assign a SAS variable, then use INPUT (convert to SAS NUMERIC) and PUT function (to convert back to a "formatted" CHARACTER type variable, displayed as a number).

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Re: regular expressions

Hello SASPhile,

Here is how your program could look like:

data T01_input;
length drug $50;
infile cards delimiter=',';
input id drug;
1,Paracetmol 4.8MG VIA
2,Paracetmol 423.23422238MG VIA
3,Paracetmol 42342.38MG VIA
4,Paracetmol x.8MG VIA

data T02_output;
set T01_input;
length myDigits $50;
if prxmatch('/.* \d{1,4}\.\d+MG .*/',drug)
then myDigits = prxchange('s/.* (\d{1,4}\.\d+)MG .*/$1/', -1, drug);
else myDigits = "NOT FOUND";

proc print data=T02_output;

You would get the following output:

1 Paracetmol 4.8MG VIA 1 4.8
2 Paracetmol 423.23422238MG VIA 2 423.23422238
3 Paracetmol 42342.38MG VIA 3 NOT FOUND
4 Paracetmol x.8MG VIA 4 NOT FOUND

If you need to convert the myDigit string to number ... use the input function.

Does it help?

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Re: regular expressions

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Thnaks yoba!
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