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recalling macros

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recalling macros

Hello all,

A basic question regarding mrecall of macros-

OK I have a program that calls all these macros-




Within each of the macros I run another macro called %UNITSPEC that essentially does the same thing to each of the programs above but with some minor changes in the underlying query-

However after the first program runs, it crashes out on me-log output follows as below-

I do have within each program above-

filename hhmacros "\\Fpmcb11\InfectionControl\sasprograms\MACROS\HH";

options mrecall mautosource sasautos=(hhmacros  sasautos)

to recall the macros each time. Is this necessary?

Thanks again.


ERROR:Windows Error Reporting failed because the client was not found.

ERROR:  Read Access Violation In Task [ Submit ]

Exceptionoccurred at (016F9DBA)


Address   Frame    (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)

016F9DBA  0852D6FC sashost:Main+0xE37F6

0164D839  0852D970 sashost:Main+0x37275

01655CC8  0852D9C0 sashost:Main+0x3F704

674917BE  0852DA20 sasxzcrp:mcn_main+0x7BE

671F2984  0852DA4C sasxmac:mcn_main+0x1984

023E5B43  0852FB38 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x4B43

023E51BE  0852FB54 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x41BE

02406DE6  0852FB84 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x25DE6

02406C12  0852FB9C sasxshel:mcn_main+0x25C12

02404F81  0852FC28 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x23F81

023F0725  0852FC58 sasxshel:mcn_main+0xF725

023F4250  0852FCA8 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x13250

023FEA6E  0852FCE0 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x1DA6E

023FC92F  0852FD64 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x1B92F

0241CE05  0852FEF8 sasxshel:mcn_main+0x3BE05

02420169  0852FF6C sasxshel:mcn_main+0x3F169

02420C9E  0852FF8C sasxshel:mcn_main+0x3FC9E

01622854  0852FFA0 sashost:Main+0xC290

0170F038  0852FFB4 sashost:Main+0xF8A74

7C80B729  0852FFEC kernel32:GetModuleFileNameA+0x1BA

ERROR: Generic criticalerror

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recalling macros

Sorry about the error message that did not print right.

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recalling macros

I think you need not to recall macro.

Using options mrecall is because SAS  defaultly search macro only once in these libraries( hhmacros  sasautos ).

So mrecall can force SAS to search macro many times.

Since you can run your macro at SAS, The error maybe is your macro has some problems.


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recalling macros


The macro does work perfectly in all the programs if I run them separately-

The first one works w/o incident, but then when it comes to the second one,

it gives this error-

NOTE: Autocall member, UNITSPEC, has not been compiled by the macro processor. It may contain a macro syntax error

or not define a macro with the same name as the member. To autocall this member again, set OPTION MRECALL.

ERROR: Windows Error Reporting failed because the client was not found.

ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task [ Submit ]

I have option MRECALL set into each macro but perhaps I need to set it differently?


Thanks again.


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Re: recalling macros

Sounds more like the macro is not cleaning up.  Perhaps it is leaving a file open?

Perhaps if you stick end extra semi-colons after the macro call so that SAS knows that it shouldn't look of parameters.

Also check the macro source code. Does it include anY statements before the %MACRO or after the %MEND ?  If so then those statements will only work the first time you compile the macro.

If you want to recompile the macro you can just include it again.

%inc hhmacros(unitspec);


%inc hhmacros(unitspec);


%inc hhmacros(unitspec);


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recalling macros


That works! Thank you!


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