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real time issue

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real time issue


how to increase SAS processing.

Since last few months DI job in LSF scheduler takes more real time than earlier

Below statistics is from one simple data step in DI job, now this step is taking more real time than earlier months. CPU time is same in both cases.

Earlier statistics:

   real time           57:29.11

   cpu time            22:37.64

NOTE: There were 16620313 observations read from the data set WORK.W5XTB5OW

Current statistics:

real time     9:47:30.76

cpu time      23:33.80


NOTE: There were 17017500 observations read from the data set WORK.W5XTB5OW

Any idea about memory or cpu settings changes by mistakenly in Schedule or some other.

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Re: real time issue

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With the CPU time being the same and similar record counts, my first move would be to see if the server that this is running on is heavily loaded with some other programs. If your SAS DI job is getting a much smaller slice of the server than it used to, you could see a huge increase in wall clock time.


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Re: real time issue

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Now that's a big decrease in performance.

If code is the same for both stats, than this could only be a dramatic increase in IO Time or Wait Time (being Real-time=CPU Time+IO Time+Wait Time).

Either your not getting the same slice of CPU (as TomKari pointed) or your IO as gotten pretty worse (could be a hardware problem, configuration or change of some sort).

Cheers from Portugal.

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Re: real time issue

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First thing you should do is add option "options fullstimer;" as this will give you additional information in the log.

If the CPU time is stable then one would assume that it's either network or I/O. Using "fullstimer" will give you some more information to figure out where you're "wasting" time. Eg: Are you reading/writing to a shared filesystem and now a new process is hitting this filesystem?

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Re: real time issue


Other think, you must request to the administrator of your system if some changes appear on the management of disk, activities of the system,

If you use a share NFS request more information about the traffic network,

You can also request if the management of the disk where the SASWORK is define change, the status of disk, the defragmentation of the disk etc...

You must have a look of the system.


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