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reading a credit bureau file (space delimited?)

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reading a credit bureau file (space delimited?)



I got back some credit bureau files that have no extension, It looks like it may be space delimited if I try opening them in Excel (it doesn't quite work).  As the file type they are 'CREDITREPORT - FINALV2 File', and that's it.. the file  have a names such as :

E1388a3-5503.creditreport-finalv2 (with no extension).  The Credit Bureau is closed for support and I need to start ASAP on this project.  Any help on this?, I'm trying to read these file sin SAS.  Import of any kind didn't work.



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Re: reading a credit bureau file (space delimited?)

Open the file and view it in a text editor, ie Notepad. 


You'll most likely need to write a manual data step import. Usually you should get a record layout file that specifies the field and types.

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