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ratio to percentage

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ratio to percentage

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Re: ratio to percentage

Please follow these guidelines when posting:


Stop right there! Before pressing POST, tick off this checklist. Does your post …

✔ Have a descriptive subject line, i.e., How do I ‘XYZ’? ✔ Use simple language and provide context? Definitely mention what version you’re on. ✔ Include code and example data? Consider using the SAS Syntax feature.







As it is, your question is useless. Don't waste our time.

Post your issue in understandable language, and don't let us guess from a three-word subject.

Post some example data, and show the expected result.

Post code you already tried, and state where the result does not meet your expectations.

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Re: ratio to percentage

Think you missed something in the body there Smiley Surprised)

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