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put-statement over 262 characters

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put-statement over 262 characters

I'm using a put-statement that is over 262 characters.
SAS is outputting the put-statement as two separate lines in the output file.
How do I prevent this break from happening?
I marked the location where SAS is breaking the line of code with this "XreturnX".
Thank you.

filename foo "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\clock_output.html";
file foo;
put ' mycountainer.innerHTML="
Days   :  Hour   :  Min   : Sec
   "+result[''days'']+"    & XreturnX nbsp; :     "+result[''hours'']+"      :  "+result[''minutes'']+"     :  "+result[''seconds'']+"
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Re: put-statement over 262 characters

Check the system-default for LRECL= and review the FILE statement, possibly with consideration for your OS, as well. Info can be found in the SAS Language Elements documentation and also the SAS "companion" document for your OS.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

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