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proc sql

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proc sql

hi, what should be the code for this question ? In the Grocery_coupons categorize the respondents i) into 3 categories based on their spending (below 100, 100-200 and above 200) ii) count the number of unique customers in each group ( using Select case when )? using proc sql
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Re: proc sql

I am not sure if you are looking answer in one sql.  Below I have done in two steps and used case when for step 1.


proc sql;

create table Grocery_coupons_category


select Customer_id

,case when spending < 100 then 'Below 100'

         when spending between 100 and 200 then '100 - 200'

         else 'Above 200' 

end as Customer_category

from Grocery_coupons;


create table Customer_count_category_wise 


select Customer_category

, count(distinct customer_id)

from Grocery_coupons_category

group by Customer_category;


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