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proc reprot

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proc reprot

Hi ,
I build this proc report :

ods html file="\\risuilt\home\sas\MISHNE_LIFE\demografic.html";
proc report data=aaa nowindows out=t;
title demografic period;
column age gender, count ;
define age/group;
define gender/across format=$H_GENDER8.;
define count/sum format=comma12.;
ods html close;

Some of the result is:

male female
age 1 . 15

im trying to change the nulls to zero

any suggestions?
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Re: proc reprot

Explore the SAS OPTIONS MISSING= parameter.

Scott Barry
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Re: proc reprot

Thanks Scott , i will check it !
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Re: proc reprot

While the missing option will probabaly suffice in this situation you would be better served by the PROC REPORT option COMPLETEROWS.

proc report nowd list headline data=sashelp.class completerows;
columns age sex, n;
define age / group;
define sex / across;
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