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proc report

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proc report


this is my code;


Data Olympics.case7;
set Olympics.Case1;
label Probability____="Probabilty";
label Total_Media_Value="Tot_Budget";
label Opportunity_Owner="Champ";
label Account_Name="Client";
label Stage="Nbr_of_optys";
rename Probability____=Probabilty;
rename Total_Media_Value=Tot_Budget;
rename Oppurtunity_Owner=Champ;
rename Account_Name=Client;
rename Stage=Nbr_of_optys;

proc report data=Olympics.Case7 nowd headline headskip;
column Probabilty nbr_of_optys tot_budget tot_forecast;
define Probabilty/group width=12 descending "Probabilty";
define tot_budget/analysis sum format=dollar15.2 "tot_budget";
define nbr_of_optys /"nbr_of_optys";
define tot_forecast / computed format=dollar15.2;
compute tot_forecast;
rbreak after/summarize ;
i am not able to get the output


output should be like this :

London Olympic Pipeline As of 17th November 2012









































































































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Re: proc report

Example data, please?

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Re: proc report

Posted in reply to KurtBremser

this is the data :

WalmartClachko 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Walmart - Summer Olympics dollars are committed - plan is still being finalizedRetail7/15/2010USD15000000
Nike Inc.Clachko 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nike Inc. - Summer Olympics Ordered 2.27.09 as part of 2 game dealApparel and Accessories8/2/2010USD21800000
General ElectricClachko 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- General Electric - Summer Olympics dollars are committed but plan still needs to be worked out much closer inCorporate and Association7/15/2010USD50000000
Visa USA, Inc.Clachko 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Visa USA, Inc. - Summer Olympics Original deal was for $34MM with $1.725M going to Local. We are now discussing Financial Cat with them for additional dollarsFinancial9/20/2010USD32275000
Anheuser-Busch InBevMcCavanagh 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Anheuser Busch - Summer Olympics 9/22 Need to reschedule Olympic recap. 6/16 Need to reschedule the Recap 5/14/10 AB Recap Meeting set for 6/11/10. Need to confirm with Rich that Mark Wright will be in town for the meeting, if not need to reschedule.Alcoholic Beverages9/21/2010USD23100000
Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund TrustNolan 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust - Summer Olympics $15 MM Gross on-air and $900k Net on-line have been commited to London as part of multi-year, multi-sport deal. Still need to negotiate plan and added value value. Conversations/Lunch betwen Gary Z. and Tony Pace about what we are comfotable with. Apolo Ohno is a spokeperson. Subway will want to use Ohno in London in the same manner they used Phelps in Vancouver. Continue to leverage Phelps relationship.Restaurants9/21/2010USD15000000
United AirlinesClennon 4/8/2010100USD0 Deal ClosedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- United Airlines - Summer Olympics HOLD, set to go to Order January 2011.Travel10/8/2010USD14500000
McDonald's CorpClachko 4/8/201090USD0 Hold OrderOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- McDonald's Corp - Summer Olympics We have let OMD know that discussions must start very soon or we will not be bale to protect local markets for them. Mcgovern said they should be ready to start talking by end of September.Restaurants9/21/2010USD25000000
Coca-Cola CompanyClachko 4/8/201090USD0 Hold OrderOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Coca-Cola Company - Summer Olympics talks to begin by mid September - 11/1/10 trigger date for London plan. Julie Goldstein is setting up dinner meeting in Atlanta. We are preparing our offer.Non Alcoholic Beverages9/20/2010USD55000000
Procter & GambleClachko 4/8/201090USD0 Hold OrderOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Procter & Gamble - Summer Olympics meeting with Sara Kramer and Scott Lee on 9/23. We are trying to move along their timetablePackaged Goods9/20/2010USD50000000
AT&TNolan 4/8/201090USD0 Hold OrderOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- AT&T - Summer Olympics We are securing a meeting between **bleep** and Daryl to discuss London. Working on dates with CMO & Spokes persons. Also working on the AT&T Category so that we can justify the larger spends we will be asking for from AT&T. Working through Tablets, Handsets, new wirless technologies, etc... Fuller asked that we give her until after 10/1 to receive a proposal form us. Met with the entire AT&T Team in Atlanta on 4/26. Presented Vancouver Recap and began discussions for London. Client very pleased with Vancouvor perfromance and has said the Olympic will be important to AT&T moving forward. Indicated that a deal before the end on 2010 may be doable. More lead time for them, the better. Concerns over the category as technology is constantly changing and not sure what they will be selling in summer of 2012.Telecommunications9/21/2010USD75000000
Hilton WorldwideClachko 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hilton Hotels - Summer Olympics We have given them until end of August a exclusive negotiating window. Conversations are progressing - should have deal done by end of October.Travel10/11/2010USD13000000
GeicoClachko 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Geico - Summer Olympics Brum currently in negotiations for $8.0 - we should know by end of OctoberFinancial10/11/2010USD8000000
Bp Oil CorporationMcCavanagh 4/8/201070USD30200 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- BP/Amoco - Summer Olympics 9/22 Finalizing an updated proposal for BP with some activation ideas for the calendar year 2012 across multiple dayparts. Will deliver to Matt week of 9/20 or 9/27. 6/16 Due to BP's current state of affairs, Luc and Mike will not be at the London meeting. Their status with the usoc currently remains up in the air. 5/14/10 Exclusive plan presented to Matt  at Mindshare. We have given them to July 7th to evaluate exclusively before we go to market. Preparing presenation for a meeting with Luc in London during Wimbledon.Oil Gas and Power10/11/2010USD28000000
BMWMcCavanagh 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- BMW - Summer Olympics 9/22 Met with Patrick and the creative agencies on the phone to deliver the Best Practices presentation. Next steps: Dani and Cortney are developing and agency POV for Patrick to bring to Germany with the ask, including dollars and GM activation request. Nothing will be decided until there is a new VP which may by by the end of September. 6/16 Presented the BMW recap to Patrick McKenna at BMW Headquarters. Next steps are working with Dani in regards to an extension on the 90 days which is Aug 27th. They want a one month extension due to a meeting in Munich in September in which all BMW media plans are being presented including Olympics. Seth said that he would discuss this extension in a meeting with the client that we are trying to set up on either the 8th or 15th of July. I have asked Dani for an e-mail stating that BMW is passing on the entire category.. (allowing us to forward with our GM conversations). 5/14/10 Presented the Vancouver recap to Mccan in preperation for the BMW client meeting on MaAutomotive9/21/2010USD50000000
General MotorsMcCavanagh 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- General Motors - Summer Olympics 9/22 Next step is to deliver the updated proposal (IV) to Stacie the week of 9/20. 6/16 I delivered a plan to Stacey and Whitey for 103.2M gross on May 27th. The plan did not include exclusivity which they have subsequently asked for. A plan was then submitted to Stacie by Paul the w/o June 7th for 128.37 gross. Stacie asked me for some research on olympic composition and upscale stories on 6/14 which I supplied the same day and worked with Whitey on some research questions they had. Next steps are waiting on their response to our plan and the e-mail from BMW passing on the entire category so we can move this deal forward.Automotive10/11/2010USD120000000
Liberty MutualMcCavanagh 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Liberty Mutual - Summer Olympics 9/22 Meeting with Guy in Wales to discuss next steps. 6/16 Delivered the Recap to Guy, Stacey, Seb and their digital team. Liberty was happy with the linear investment but their digital investment slightly underdelivered (Matt is taking care of this with them). 2012 is a big year for Liberty as it is their 100th Birthday in July. Timing could be perfect and they want to explore ideas to capitalize on the timing of the game and this milestone year. Next steps are to set up a meeting to discuss a Liberty build up in Sports with potential SB.Financial10/11/2010USD15000000
Warner BrothersNolan 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Warner Brothers - Summer Olympics Warner Brother interested in talking about London right away. Would like to secure on of the two premiere movie studio positions during th Games. Paul met with Lynn on 5/4 with dinner to follow. We then met again with Lynn and the entire WB Team duirng upfront week - 5/18. Circle back and put a proposal in front of them...Movies and Home Video10/11/2010USD15000000
Target CorporationClennon 4/8/201070USD0 Working MostlikelyOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Target Stores - Summer Olympics Plan submitted 10/4. Agency recap delivered 6/3. Delivered agency specific creative IAG data follow-up. Clearly communicated that nights and weekend afternoon of exclusivity is in jeopardy if clear indication of participation at a agreeable level isn't secured.Retail10/8/2010USD15000000
Visit BritainSnelleman 9/22/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonVisit Britain-Olympics-Network 10/4: Paul met with the Wales Client at Ryder Cup, paired w/ meeting the overall VB group in London the end of June for Wimbledon, presented Tourism case study. Hoping to get idea of Govt financing from UK in November for US marketing push. Paul & I setting up meeting w/ Laurence Bresh's group for Feb 2011Government10/8/2010USD10000000
London TourismSnelleman 4/8/201050USD30000000 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- London Tourism - Summer Olympics-Olympics-Network Have dinner set up w/ client in LA on Oct 28, which will provide opportunity to discuss next steps.Government9/22/2010USD5000000
J.C. Penney Co.Clachko 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- J.C. Penney Co. - Summer Olympics Met with Robin Thomas in Dallas in August. next step is for Clennon to meet with planners in ChicagoRetail10/11/2010USD5000000
Omega WatchesClachko 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Omega Watches - Summer Olympics won't be ready to talk until 2011Retail10/11/2010USD4000000
Aflac InsuranceClachko 4/8/201050USD400000 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Aflac Insurance - Summer Olympics 5/4/10 Paul & Jeff presented client with Vancouver recap in April. Account awarded to Mediavest - Chris 's group. Chris says they won't be ready to discuss 2012 until early next year.Financial10/11/2010USD5000000
Kraft FoodsClachko 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kraft General Foods - Summer Olympics meeting set for 9/23 in Tarrytown with Gary GrunebergPackaged Goods10/11/2010USD5000000
DIRECTVMcCavanagh 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Direct Tv - Summer Olympics 9/22 Meeting with DIRECTV on 9/28 to deliver recap.Entertainment9/21/2010USD10000000
GoodyearMcCavanagh 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Goodyear - Summer Olympics 9/22 Setting up a meeting with Gagne in October to discuss ariels.Automotive10/11/2010USD5000000
Dreamworks SKGNolan 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dreamworks SKG - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video10/11/2010USD15000000
MillerCoorsNolan 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- MillerCoors - Summer Olympics Constant communication with MillerCoors for London. Met with Brand Managers and Media team in Chicago on 9/14. Seth had lunch with Any E. on 9/21. We will be puting a multi sport multi year deal in front of MillerCoors in the next couple of weeks, Olympics, NFL, Hockey, Tennis. Challenges for Olympics - Cost prohibitive, hard for MC to justify high CPMs vs other sports they buy, carving out space for the different brands to feel big... Good News - timing is perfect, client passionate about the Olympics, very strong relationships, invade A-B...Alcoholic Beverages9/21/2010USD15000000
E-Trade SecuritiesClennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- E Trade Financial - Summer Olympics Agency communicated that they would like to consider a deal tied to account acquisition metrics. Agency recap delivered 5/26.Financial10/8/2010USD3000000
Samsung ElectronicsClennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Samsung Electronics - Summer Olympics Mr. Kwon contacting GZ to discuss brainstorming session dates. 9/8 NY meeting with Mr Kwon, positive meeting with discussion of improved partnership in future. Discussing IOC definition expansion. Handsets division conversations on hold pending ATT deal. Will need understand what can be offered given the ATT deal.Electronics9/23/2010USD10000000
Best Buy Company, Inc.Clennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Best Buy Company, Inc. - Summer Olympics Building custom content program concept with expected presentation date late Q1 2011. Met with Keith Bryan and Rebecca Lambert 10/4. Client recap delivered 6/3.Retail10/8/2010USD3000000
Go Rving CoalitionClennon 4/8/201050USD400000 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Go Rving Coalition - Summer Olympics Discussed the option of doing a London deal before his retirement to no avail. Per Gary, they are interested in London, but budgets are contingent on proir year sales.Travel10/8/2010USD1500000
Edward Jones InvestmentsClennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Edward Jones Investments - Summer Olympics JV meeting set for 11/11 in STL. Confirm receipt of JV opportunity letter. Agency recap delivered 5/25.Financial10/8/2010USD5000000
Bank Of AmericaClennon 4/8/201050USD50000 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Bank Of America - Summer Olympics Client is vetting internally and awaiting feedback. Client is 9/15 presented USOC opportunity. Agency recap delivered 5/26.Financial10/8/2010USD10000000
Allstate InsuranceClennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Allstate Insurance - Summer Olympics Expect client exclusive plan feedback/decision w/o 10/11. Present HOF program to client 9/14.9/10 Exclusive plan submitted to agency. Awaiting feedback. 5/25 Delivered recap. 6/12 Provided research follow-up.Financial10/8/2010USD10000000
Ladders, TheClennon 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ladders, The - Summer Olympics Agency recap meeting delivered 6/3. Next steps include gathering Vancouver success story findings from client and possible client interview depending on findings.Corporate and Association7/16/2010USD2000000
MazdaDunning 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Mazda - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD2000000
Lucas Arts EntertainmentDunning 4/8/201050USD0 Working SpeculationOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lucas Arts Entertainment - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD1540000
MGM Studios, IncDunning 4/8/201030USD300000 Request For planOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Mgm - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD2300000
eHarmony IncDunning 4/8/201030USD0 Request For planOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- E Harmony - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Columbia SportswearDunning 4/8/201030USD20000 Request For planOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Columbia Sportswear - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD150000, IncDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Zappos - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD200000
Weinstein Company, TheDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Weinstein Films - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
LuxoticcaDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Oakley Sunglasses - Summer Olympics  Personal Care5/7/2010USD300000
Intuit IncDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Intuit Inc. - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
Hulu LLCDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hulu LLC - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
21st Century InsuranceDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- 21st Century Insurance - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD200000
Pacific LifeDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pacific Life - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
AcuraDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Acura - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD150000
Teleflora Inc.Dunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Teleflora Inc. - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
StubhubDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Stubhub Dot Com - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
SegaDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sega - Summer Olympics  Toys4/9/2010USD167000
QuiznosDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Quizno's Corp. - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD0
PACSUNDunning 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- PACSUN - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD0
LionsgateDunning 4/8/201010USD30000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lion's Gate Films - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
Active MediaWilson 4/8/201010USD20000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Active Media - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD230000
Google IncWilson 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Google Inc - Summer Olympics  Internet4/9/2010USD0
Universal OrlandoWilson 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Universal Theme Parks - Summer Olympics  Entertainment8/6/2010USD0
Long John SilversParedes 7/23/201010USD500000 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon_Olympics_Long John Silvers_s-Olympics-Network   7/23/2010USD500000
MagliteParedes 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Maglite - Summer Olympics  Home4/9/2010USD0
Full Tilt PokerParedes 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Full Tilt Poker - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Global Wireless EntertainmentParedes 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Bush Brothers and CompanyMontemayor 7/26/201010USD500000 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Bush Brothers_S-Olympics-Network  Packaged Goods7/26/2010USD500000
Ontario Ministry of Economic Dev TradeMontemayor 7/23/201010USD200000 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Ontario Ministry of Economic Dev Trade_S-Olympics-Network  Corporate and Association7/23/2010USD200000
Cooper TiresMontemayor 4/8/201010USD20000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Cooper Tires - Summer Olympics Not a Chicago account. Marc USA, Pittsburgh (detroit)Automotive9/20/2010USD1000000
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsSnelleman 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Franklin Templeton Investments-Olympics-Network Not a Chicago account. West Coast Account.Financial9/20/2010USD0
LegalzoomSnelleman 4/19/201010USD1000000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012 - Legalzoom Moving along w/ Airplane deal, will present recap deck of 2010 deal in January, and discuss 2011 plansLegal Services9/23/2010USD1000000
Weinstein Company, TheSnelleman 4/19/201010USD1000000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012 - Weinstein 7/14: no direction yet on budget or realease schedule of filmsMovies and Home Video7/15/2010USD1000000
Ocean Media-ClientSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ocean Media-Client - Summer Olympics 7/14: will be last minute participant given price requirementsCorporate and Association7/15/2010USD0
Church & DwightSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Church & Dwight - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
New York Life InsuranceSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- New York Life Insurance - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
Walt Disney Studios Home EntertainmentSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Buena Vista - Summer Olympics Too early to gauge 2012 movie release and funding, but using this time to introduce the property to the new disney client.Movies and Home Video9/21/2010USD0
MSI Computer CorpSnelleman 4/8/201010USD2000000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- MSI Computer Corp - Summer Olympics 7/14: cleint has pulled back plans to launch in US market, TBD on 2012 plansComputer7/15/2010USD2000000
Best Western International Inc.Snelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Best Western Hotels - Summer Olympics 7/14: Hilton exclusive, no-goTravel7/15/2010USD0
BC TourismSnelleman 4/8/201010USD100000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012 - BC Tourism Client encouraged by tourism #s from the US and positive press from the deal, keeping London on "to-do" list, and will re-visit opportunity in early 2011 for update.Travel9/21/2010USD2000000
HondaSnelleman 4/8/201010USD3500000 LeadOlympics-LondonHonda - London Olympics 2012 Awaiting outcome of other autos for categoryAutomotive9/23/2010USD3500000
Universal PicturesSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Universal Pictures - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
AsicsSnelleman 4/8/201010USD5000000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics 2012 London - Asics Meeting with Andrea Bullock on Oct 22 in San Diego to discuss Vancouver highlights and plans for Asics leading into LondonSports and Sports Equipment10/1/2010USD5000000
Priceline.ComSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Priceline.Com - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Korean AirlinesSnelleman 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Korean Airlines - Summer Olympics 7/14: UAL exclusive pending, no-goTravel7/15/2010USD0
Sherwin Williams Company, TheYorke 7/23/201010USD1000000 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Sherwin Williams_s-Olympics-Network  Retail7/23/2010USD1000000
Lincoln Financial GroupClachko 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Lincoln Financial-Olympics-Network Brum in contact with and setting up meeting with the Woz.Financial9/21/2010USD0
Ally BankClachko 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Ally Bank-Olympics-Network working on setting up meetingFinancial9/21/2010USD0
UBS IncClachko 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_UBS-Olympics-Network Paula passed on 9/20 per Mitch Financial9/21/2010USD0
Lendingtree.ComClachko 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Lending Tree-Olympics-Network  Financial7/21/2010USD0
Living EssentialsClachko 7/23/201010USD2000000 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Living Essentials_s-Olympics-Network  Pharmaceuticals7/23/2010USD2000000
Maybelline-GarnierClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Maybelline - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
Marvel ComicsClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Marvel Comics - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Lowe'sClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lowe's - Summer Olympics per Mcgovern they have no interest or moneyRetail9/21/2010USD0
Dish NetworkClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dish Network - Summer Olympics Dish has left Compass Point Media, moved to Horizon Media.Entertainment9/20/2010USD5000000
Dell Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dell Computer Corporation - Summer Olympics  Computer4/9/2010USD0
Dannon Company, Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dannon Company, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Corona BeerClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Corona Beer - Summer Olympics  Alcoholic Beverages4/15/2010USD0
Clorox CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Clorox Company - Summer Olympics will be a small UF player.Packaged Goods9/20/2010USD0
Wm. Wrigley Jr. CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company - Summer Olympics setting up meeting with planners at Mediavest for mid OctoberPackaged Goods9/20/2010USD0
Wells FargoClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Wells Fargo - Summer Olympics working on setting up meeting in San Francisco.Financial9/20/2010USD0
Merck & CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Schering Plough - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals5/7/2010USD0
Procter & GambleClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Old Spice - Summer Olympics met with Greg, Janet and team in Cinci on 8/23. next step is to provide them with an exclusivity package by mid SeptemberPackaged Goods9/7/2010USD0
Office DepotClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Office Depot - Summer Olympics  Delivery Services4/9/2010USD0
NutrisystemClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nutrisystem - Summer Olympics opportunistic advertiserPersonal Care9/20/2010USD0
NovartisClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Novartis - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/9/2010USD0
NokiaClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nokia - Summer Olympics  Telecommunications4/9/2010USD0
NissanClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nissan - Summer Olympics we are waiting to see what happens with GM and BMW before moving forward with NissanAutomotive9/21/2010USD0
Cars.ComClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Cars.Com - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD0
NestleClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nestle - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Capital OneClachko 4/8/201010USD10000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Capital One - Summer Olympics trying to set up meeting with Patty DewwesFinancial9/21/2010USD150000
Campbell Soup CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Campbell Soup Co - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Bristol-Myers SquibbClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Bristol-Myers Squibb - Summer Olympics working on setting up planner meetingPharmaceuticals9/20/2010USD0
Mitsubishi MotorsClachko 4/8/201010USD32000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Mitsubishi - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD0
Fox Filmed EntertainmentClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Fox Films - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
Focus FeaturesClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Focus Features - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
FedEx CorporationClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Federal Express - Summer Olympics need to set up meeting with PachecoDelivery Services9/21/2010USD0
BissellClachko 4/8/201010USD150000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Bissell - Summer Olympics  Home4/9/2010USD0
Big Lots!Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Big Lots! - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
BBC AmericaClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- BBC America - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
ING GroupClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- ING Group - Summer Olympics Paul working with Ginsberg to set up meeting with Ann GloverFinancial9/20/2010USD3500000
Identity GuardClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Identity Guard - Summer Olympics   4/9/2010USD0
Hotels.ComClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hotels.Com - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Hormel FoodsClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hormel - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Home Box OfficeClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Home Box Office - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Hertz Corp.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hertz Corp. - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD1480000
Hershey Company, TheClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hershey Foods Corp. - Summer Olympics would be a small player if Miller Coors were to passPackaged Goods9/20/2010USD0
Heineken, UsaClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Heineken, Usa - Summer Olympics  Alcoholic Beverages4/9/2010USD0
H&R Block, Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- H&R Block, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
Gerber Products CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Gerber Products Company - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
General MillsClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- General Mills - Summer Olympics Clennon meeting with client in Minneapolis on 10/15Packaged Goods9/21/2010USD0
FtdClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ftd - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Expedia.ComClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Expedia.Com - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Eli LillyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Eli Lilly - Summer Olympics clennon setting up client meeting in IndyPharmaceuticals9/20/2010USD1650000
Victoria's SecretClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Victoria's Secret - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD0
Versus Cable networkClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Versus Cable network - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
VerizonClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Verizon - Summer Olympics  Telecommunications4/9/2010USD0
UPS United Parcel ServiceClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- UPS United Parcel Service - Summer Olympics will set up meeting when we are inAtlanta for Coke in OctoberDelivery Services9/20/2010USD0
OrbitzClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Orbitz - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Darden, Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Olive Garden - Summer Olympics need help getting in to see client. thye have refused to see us and have not been interested in the OlympicsRestaurants9/21/2010USD0
Avon Products, Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Avon Products, Inc. - Summer Olympics per Mitch  they won't have the budget for itPersonal Care9/21/2010USD2134000
AstraZenecaClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- AstraZeneca - Summer Olympics Paul to set up meeting with Earl BlackPharmaceuticals9/20/2010USD0
Apple Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD10000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Apple Computer - Summer Olympics will be very close in decisionComputer9/21/2010USD0
ABC FamilyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Abc Family - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/20/2010USD0
Tyson Foods, Inc.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Tyson Foods, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
TravelocityClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Travelocity - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Transamerica Corp.Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Transamerica Corp. - Summer Olympics waiting for auto category to play outFinancial9/21/2010USD0
ToyotaClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Toyota - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD0
Tiaa CrefClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Tiaa Cref - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD3200000
TD AmeritradeClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- TD Ameritrade - Summer Olympics met with Francois at Mediavest - next step is to meet with Robert at TDFinancial9/20/2010USD0
Sundance ChannelClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sundance Channel - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
State FarmClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- State Farm - Summer Olympics Clennon taking leadFinancial9/20/2010USD0
Showtime NetworksClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Showtime Entertainment - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Porsche AGClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Porsche Of North America - Summer Olympics Has left Chicago agency, moved to OMD, NY.Automotive9/20/2010USD0
Pokerstars.NetClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pokerstars.Net - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD0
Pioneer InvestmentsClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pioneer Investments - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
Panasonic CorporationClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Panasonic - Summer Olympics exclusive package submitted to them on 9/10/10. unlikely they will have $30 mil for exclusive but may be able to work out a non-exclusive planElectronics9/20/2010USD0
Hewlett-Packard CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Palm - Summer Olympics Seth and Peter Foss setting up meetingComputer9/21/2010USD0
Lindt & Sprungli (USA)Clachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lindt & Sprungli (USA) - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD320000
Lifetime TelevisionClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lifetime Television - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
LexusClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Lexus Corp - Summer Olympics waiting for auto category to play out before we approachAutomotive9/21/2010USD0
Levi Strauss & CompanyClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Levi Strauss & Company - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD0
Kay JewelersClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kay Jewelers - Summer Olympics not a player for Summer gamesRetail9/20/2010USD0
Kaplan, INCClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kaplan University - Summer Olympics  Education4/9/2010USD0
JP Morgan ChaseClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- JP Morgan Chase - Summer Olympics trying to set up CMO meeting to discuss Financila categoryFinancial9/20/2010USD0
AmeritradeClachko 4/8/201010USD430000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ameritrade - Summer Olympics met with Francois on 8/2 to have initial discussion. Client, Robert Haverback being invited to Ryder CupFinancial9/20/2010USD0
American StandardsClachko 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Standards - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD2350000
Blackrock GroupMcCavanagh 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Blackrock-Olympics-Network  Financial7/21/2010USD0
Credit Suisse GroupMcCavanagh 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Credit Suisse-Olympics-Network  Financial7/21/2010USD0
Oppenheimer FundsMcCavanagh 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Oppenheimer Funds-Olympics-Network NolanFinancial9/21/2010USD0
PrudentialMcCavanagh 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Prudential-Olympics-Network 9/22 Setting up a Financial Services meeting for October with Peggy. No past success with Prudential in the Games, they are very efficient in their buying.Financial9/21/2010USD0
Marriott HotelsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Marriott Hotels - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Eastman Kodak CompanyMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Eastman Kodak Company - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD0
DYMOMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dymo - Summer Olympics No longer at DeutschDelivery Services9/21/2010USD432000
DupontMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dupont - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD0
Domino's Pizza Inc.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Domino's Pizza Inc. - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD0
Dole FoodsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dole Foods - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Delta AirlinesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Delta Airlines - Summer Olympics 9/22 Category Exclusivity with United.Travel9/21/2010USD0
De Beers Consolidated MinesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- De Beers Consolidated Mines - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD0
CVS CaremarkMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- CVS Stores - Summer Olympics No longer at Hill HolidayRetail9/21/2010USD0
Curves International, IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Curves International,Inc. - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
Citizens WatchesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Citizens Watches - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/9/2010USD143000000
PfizerMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Wyeth - Summer Olympics 9/22 Met with Mike Law on 9/17 at a golf outing. We are setting up a more formal meeting in October to begin conversations for London.Pharmaceuticals9/21/2010USD0
Cisco SystemsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD12000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Cisco Systems - Summer Olympics  Computer4/9/2010USD0
Sap AmericaMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sap America - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD0
Sanofi-AventisMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sanofi Aventis - Summer Olympics Part of ChattemPharmaceuticals9/21/2010USD0
Ruby Tuesday IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ruby Tuesday Inc - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD3210000
Rubbermaid, Inc.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Rubbermaid, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Delivery Services4/9/2010USD0
Royal Caribbean InternationalMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Chrysler Group LLCMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chrysler - Summer Olympics 9/22 Holding off conversations till BMWGM is resolved.Automotive9/21/2010USD0
Choice Hotels InternationalMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Choice Hotels Intl - Summer Olympics  Travel4/15/2010USD0
Chili'sMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chili's - Summer Olympics 9/22 Meeting with Guy Rancourt in Wales to discuss next steps and opportunities for Chilis.Restaurants9/21/2010USD0
Chattem, IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chattem, Inc - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
Charles SchwabMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Charles Schwab - Summer Olympics 9/22 Coordinating a meeting with Steve Agase, the agency and the client Mike Naughton to discuss the Rings sponsorship opportunity.Financial10/14/2010USD5000000
Celebrity CruisesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Celebrity Cruises - Summer Olympics  Travel4/15/2010USD0
Carnival CruisesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Carnival Cruises - Summer Olympics 9/22 Met with Carnival client and agency on June 8th. Jim was extremely pleased with their participation in the games, but the Summer Games are a dead/black period for their industry, focussing on local deals if anything at all. The likelyhood of anything happening with them is very low. The time period does not work, but he said you never know and to follow up as we get closer.Travel9/21/2010USD0
Netflix IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Netflix - Summer Olympics 9/22 Netflix is extremely efficient and opportunistic. They had a very good experience in Vancouver and I willl stay very close to them as the games approach.Retail9/21/2010USD0
Nationwide InsuranceMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nationwide Insurance - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD2378000
MotorolaMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Motorola - Summer Olympics 9/22 Conflict with AT&T/SamsungElectronics9/21/2010USD0
Miramax FilmsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Miramax - Summer Olympics  Movies and Home Video4/9/2010USD0
MicrosoftMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Microsoft - Summer Olympics 9/22 working with Agency to nail down Olympic Recap meeting date.Computer9/21/2010USD0
Frito-LayMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Frito-Lay - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/15/2010USD0
Fidelity InvestmentsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Fidelity Investments - Summer Olympics 9/22 Next steps Paul was reaching out to the agency to coordinate a meeting with Denuta for the Rings/Financial services category. Need to follow up on when that meeting is scheduled. 6/16 Met with Hill Holiday (Tracy Reiner) on June 8th and delivered their recap. The agency was very happy with the presence in the Games as was Denuta the client who I had dinner with 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Next steps are to set up a meeting with Denuta to take her through our learnings, she was not able to make our meeting.Financial10/11/2010USD10000000
Acer America CorporationMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Acer America Corporation - Summer Olympics 9/22 Acer has officially passed on the category. I have reached out to Anton and Guiditta a number of times and have received no response.Computer9/21/2010USD0
International House Of Pancake (IHOP)McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- International House Of Pancake (IHOP) - Summer Olympics 9/22 Conflicts with Coke as they have coffee in their ads.Restaurants9/21/2010USD0
IntelMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Intel - Summer Olympics ClachkoComputer9/21/2010USD0
IBMMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- IBM - Summer Olympics  Computer4/9/2010USD0
HaierMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Haier - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD0
Estee LauderMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Estee Lauder - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
US Chamber Of CommerceMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Chamber Of Commerce - Summer Olympics 9/22 Will stay close to agency on the account which like all political spends very close in.Government9/21/2010USD3000000
US ArmyMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Army - Summer Olympics  Government4/9/2010USD0
University Of PhoenixMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- University Of Phoenix - Summer Olympics  Education4/9/2010USD0
UnileverMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Unilever - Summer Olympics 9/22 Spoke with Elen and she is coordinating a meeting with Jenny at Rob direction. We are just waiting on some dates for the meeting. 5/14/10 Working with Bill to re-set the meeting with Rob Masters.Packaged Goods9/21/2010USD2300000
Outback SteakhouseMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Outback Steakhouse - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD0
Atos OriginMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Atos Origin - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD0
Applebee'sMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Applebee's - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD0
American Coalition for Clean Coal ElectricityMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity - Summer Olympics 9/22 Met with Penny over the summer and delivered Post Olympic Recap. Will follow up with her on Sports and Olympics going forward. 5/14/10 Recap meeting set for 5/20 at 3pm with Penny.Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD2148900
Amazon.comMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Amazon.Com - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
Allianz Versicherungs AgMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Allianz Versicherungs Ag - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
Alberto CulverMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Alberto Culver - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
AdidasMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Adidas - Summer Olympics 9/22 Working with Charles Pokress, planner from Carat LA, to set up a meeting with Brit the client in Portland. We discussed potential sponsorship opportunities. Waiting on some dates from Charles for the meeting.Apparel and Accessories9/21/2010USD6500000
Abbott LaboratoriesMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Abbott Laboratories - Summer Olympics ClachkoPharmaceuticals9/21/2010USD0
Under ArmourMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Under Armour - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/15/2010USD0
TGI Fridays, Inc.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- TGI Fridays, Inc. - Summer Olympics ClennonRestaurants9/21/2010USD0
T. Rowe PriceMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- T. Rowe Price - Summer Olympics  Financial4/9/2010USD0
SubaruMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Subaru - Summer Olympics 9/22 Holding on on conversations until GM/BMW is resolved.Automotive9/21/2010USD0
Sony Pictures Entertainment, IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sony Pictures Entertainment - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/9/2010USD0
Sony Electronics, IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sony Electronic's Business Solutions - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD1789000
RevlonMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Revlon - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
RE/MaxMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- RE/Max - Summer Olympics  Real Estate4/9/2010USD0
Radio ShackMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Radio Shack - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
Koninkliijke Philips ElectronicsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Philips Electronics - Summer Olympics  Electronics5/6/2010USD0
PfizerMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pfizer - Summer Olympics 9/22 Setting up a meeting with Mike in October to discuss the Games and meet with brand managers.Pharmaceuticals9/21/2010USD0
Papa John's International Inc.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Papa John's International Inc. - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD21458000
L'Oreal USAMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- L'Oreal USA - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
LG ElectronicsMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- LG Electronics - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/9/2010USD0
Kohler Co.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kohler Co. - Summer Olympics  Home4/9/2010USD0
Kimberly Clark Corp.McCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kimberly Clark Corp. - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/9/2010USD0
Johnson & JohnsonMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Johnson & Johnson - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
John HancockMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- John Hancock - Summer Olympics  Financial4/15/2010USD0
John Deere & CompanyMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- John Deere & Company - Summer Olympics  Retail4/15/2010USD0
Jenny Craig, IncMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
American Petroleum InstituteMcCavanagh 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Petroleum Institute - Summer Olympics 9/22 Delivered the Recap to Dave with Paul and Tim on 5/20. Tim following up on Uni Sports opportunities. Will stay close to Dave as the Games approach. 5/14/10 API Recap set for 5/21/10 in DC.Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD0
CitibankNolan 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Citigroup-Olympics-Network We have Mark Ingall joining us at Ryder Cup. Will engage him on thoughts of the USOC Joint marketing partnership. Had discussions with Bruce at Mediaedge and following up with him the week of 9/27 to schedule formal meeting.Financial9/21/2010USD0
Citizens Financial GroupNolan 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Citizens Financial Group-Olympics-Network Paul Spoke with Diane at Citizens where we were told that Citizens is really only focused on a handful of makets and if the did anything, most likelly work wi htthe affiliates.. Told us RBS was quiet through 2011 until all Tarp funds are repaid...Financial9/21/2010USD0
Michelin TireNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Michelin Tire - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/15/2010USD0
Merck & CompanyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Merck & Company - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/15/2010USD0
Mercedes BenzNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Mercedes Benz - Summer Olympics Mercedes had concerns over Audi / BMW spending in Vancouver. Will be paying close attention to BMW's official parentship and level of spend in London.Automotive10/18/2010USD0
Dow Chemical Co.Nolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dow Chemical Co. - Summer Olympics Dow is now a TOP Sponsor and we have begun engaging them for London. Meetings have taken place in Chicago with Planning and account team out of FCB and conversations are taking place through Initiative in NY. Bob Long was invited to Ryder Cup. Feeling is we will get something done. Need to get client to come up with money that is outside their normal media dollars as they spend very little money in National TV. Dow is apparently getting read yto activate their rings parnership with some print advertising. Next Dow internal meeting is on 9/23 from which we hope to get some more direction.Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD0
Deloitte & ToucheNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Deloitte & Touche - Summer Olympics USOC Sponsors for 2010 and 2012 Games. Passed on Vancouver... Will be making contact with them right away about London. Expect they will pass... Agency iis Keiler in Connecticut. USOC deal was done for Deloitte's Canadan branch for Vancouver...Financial9/21/2010USD0
Conagra FoodsNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Conagra - Summer Olympics Spoke with Fernando Arriola - Sr director media marketing at Conagra in Omaha... London Olympics is of interest and they enjoyed their presence in Vancouver. Receiptive to us comin gout there for a meeting this fall - asked that we wait until end of September to follow up... Targeting end of October for the meeting...Packaged Goods9/21/2010USD3000000
Coldwell BankerNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Coldwell Banker - Summer Olympics  Real Estate4/27/2010USD14367000
Wyndham WorldwideNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Wyndham Hotels - Summer Olympics  Travel4/15/2010USD0
SearsNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sears - Summer Olympics NolanRetail10/11/2010USD0
SC JohnsonNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- SC Johnson - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/28/2010USD3000000
Old NavyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Old Navy Stores - Summer Olympics Anticipate approximatley $5.0MM between Old Navy / Gap. Have supported that past two Games. Been trying to schedule recap with agency and look to meet with clients in October.Apparel and Accessories9/21/2010USD4000000
Chevron CorporationNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chevron Corporation - Summer Olympics  Oil Gas and Power4/15/2010USD0
NikonNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nikon - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/15/2010USD0
New Balance, Inc.Nolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- New Balance, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/15/2010USD0
Canon USANolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Canon Global - Summer Olympics  Electronics4/15/2010USD0
BoeingNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Boeing - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD3280000
Boehringer-IngleheimNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Boehringer-Ingleheim - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/15/2010USD0
Kayak.comNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- - Summer Olympics Dropped hold in Vancouver due to poor creative. Will lok to revisit for London knowing they are interested in the Games...Internet4/22/2010USD0
Hyundai Motor CompanyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hyundai - Summer Olympics  Automotive10/18/2010USD0
Home DepotNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Home Depot - Summer Olympics  Retail4/27/2010USD3000000
Hewlett-Packard CompanyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hewlett Packard Co. - Summer Olympics  Computer4/9/2010USD0
Hasbro IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hasbro Bradley, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Toys4/15/2010USD0
Glaxosmithkline PlcNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Glaxosmithkline Plc - Summer Olympics Lunch meeting with client Scott Grenz on 9/20 following up on our discussions from initial meeting on 5/19... Scott will be instrumental in helping us get to the GSK brand managers...Pharmaceuticals9/21/2010USD5000000
GapNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Gap - Summer Olympics  Apparel and Accessories4/15/2010USD0
ExxonNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Exxon - Summer Olympics Interested in our discussions with BP. Keep client / agency up to date with BP Exclusivity discussions. Gulf situation over now and Exxon thinking of advertising again in October...Oil Gas and Power9/21/2010USD0
Ethan Allen Global IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ethan Allen, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Retail4/15/2010USD0
Diamond Foods IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Emerald Nuts - Summer Olympics  Non Alcoholic Beverages5/11/2010USD214000
Elizabeth ArdenNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Elizabeth Arden - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
Edible Arrangements International IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Edible Arrangements - Summer Olympics  Retail4/15/2010USD0
Ebay.ComNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ebay.Com - Summer Olympics  Retail4/15/2010USD0
Volkswagen AGNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Volkswagen AG - Summer Olympics Volkswagen had been a $10.0MM advertiser in the Games in years past. They did not participate in Vancouver due to timing (retail sales event) and lack of new car launches / creative. Will explore the Summer 2012 window for VW and get them back in the Games if there are no exclusivities preventing VW from participating...Automotive10/18/2010USD0
Vizio IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Vizio Inc - Summer Olympics Client / Agency asking questions for London and what Panasonic's relationship prevents Vizio from doing if anything... Explained the dynamics to the agency and would like for us to continue to update them on any activity in their category... Seem most interested in 3D capabilities for London...Electronics9/21/2010USD5000000
Vestas Wind SystemsNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Vestas Wind Systems - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD0
Overture FilmsNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Overture Films - Summer Olympics Should be there at soem level... have participated in 3 of the last 4 games... All about the releases and they usually buy very last minute.Movies and Home Video9/21/2010USD3000000
Avis Rent A CarNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Avis Rent A Car - Summer Olympics  Automotive4/9/2010USD0
Audi Of America, IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Audi Of America, Inc - Summer Olympics Waiting feed back from BMW and on our proposal. Once I get the green light, will schedule meeting in Herndon, VA with Benny and Loren Angelo. Met with Benny Lawrence week of 5/17 (21 Club dinner). Will schedule Vancouver Recap in once we have post BMW strategy and begin discussions for London.Automotive10/18/2010USD0
Arbys Restaurant Group Inc.Nolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Arbys Restaurants - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/9/2010USD0
AllerganNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Allergan - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/15/2010USD0
Bayer AGNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- AG Bayer Pharmaceuticals - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/9/2010USD0
Travelers CompaniesNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Travelers Insurance - Summer Olympics Has left Chicago agency, moved to MediaCom.Financial9/20/2010USD7000000
Sun Life FinancialNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sun Life Financial - Summer Olympics Scheduling Vancouver Recap with client Salley Bray in Mass for October. Agency asked that we circle back with them in October as well..Financial9/21/2010USD0
Staples IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Staples Stores - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
Siemens CorporationNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Siemens Corporation - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/15/2010USD0
Shell Oil CompanyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Shell Oil Company - Summer Olympics  Oil Gas and Power4/15/2010USD0
Sepracor IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Sepracor - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals4/15/2010USD0
Royal Bank Of ScotlandNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Royal Bank Of Scotland - Summer Olympics New Client in Scotland - David Webb who we have gotten some response form and looking to meet him either in London or at the Ryder Cup in beginning of October. RBS has not really been active Nationally in a couple of years, however, their business is starting to turn around and the RBS of Americas is growing. RBS is majority owned by British Government. London could be perfect.Financial10/11/2010USD2546770
Reckitt BenckiserNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Reckitt Benckiser - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/15/2010USD0
PricewaterhousecoopersNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pricewaterhousecoopers - Summer Olympics  Financial4/15/2010USD0
Pizza HutNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pizza Hut - Summer Olympics  Restaurants4/15/2010USD0
Pinnacle Foods GroupNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Pinnacle Foods - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/15/2010USD0
Paramount PicturesNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Paramount Pictures - Summer Olympics Spoke with Ari Rosenfeld about finding out Paramount / Dreamworks intentions for London ASAP. Ari beleives this is way too early for them to focus on, however we have expalined that WB and other movie studios are inquiring about integrations and that if paramount wants to secure the same postion they had in Vancouver, they need to let us know very soon...Movies and Home Video9/21/2010USD0
Kia Motors AmericaNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kia Motors, Inc - Summer Olympics Kia has advertised in the Olympics two Games in a row. $5.0MM in both Beijing and Vancouver. digital will be important for London. BMW?Automotive10/18/2010USD0
KAO Brands CompanyNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kao Brands Company - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
K Mart CorporationNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- K Mart Corporation - Summer Olympics  Retail4/15/2010USD0
JM Smucker CoNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- JM Smucker Co - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods4/15/2010USD0
Ameriprise Financial, IncNolan 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. - Summer Olympics Close to getting a deal done in Vancouver. continue to work with client Stu Burkoff and Initiative to get a derqal done for London.Financial4/22/2010USD0
Koninkliijke Philips ElectronicsRobinson 4/19/201010USD500000 LeadOlympics-LondonPhilips Electronics- 2012 Olympics-Olympics-Network  Electronics5/6/2010USD500000
Marathon Oil, CORPShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Marathon Oil - Summer Olympics  Automotive7/21/2010USD500000
Michigan Econ. Develop. Corp.Shelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Michigan Econ. Develop. Corp. - Summer Olympics  Government7/23/2010USD500000
MedermaShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Mederma - Summer Olympics  Pharmaceuticals7/21/2010USD500000
**bleep**'s Sporting GoodsShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- **bleep**'s Sporting Goods - Summer Olympics  Retail7/21/2010USD1000000
Chiquita Brands Inc.Shelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chiquita Brands Inc. - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods7/21/2010USD500000
Napa Auto PartsShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Napa Auto Parts - Summer Olympics  Automotive7/21/2010USD500000
BRP InternationalShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- BRP International - Summer Olympics  Sports and Sports Equipment7/21/2010USD500000
Ford Motor CompanyShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Ford - Summer Olympics  Automotive10/18/2010USD0
VolvoShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Volvo - Summer Olympics  Automotive10/18/2010USD0
US Postal ServiceShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Postal Service - Summer Olympics  Delivery Services7/21/2010USD1000000
US NavyShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Navy - Summer Olympics  Government7/21/2010USD1500000
US Department of Veterans AffairsShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Dept of Veterans Affairs - Summer Olympics  Government7/23/2010USD1000000
US BankShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Bank - Summer Olympics  Financial7/21/2010USD2000000
UPS StoreShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- UPS Store - Summer Olympics  Delivery Services7/21/2010USD500000
Owens CorningShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Owens Corning - Summer Olympics  Home7/21/2010USD500000
Autotrader.comShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- - Summer Olympics  Entertainment7/23/2010USD2000000
American Heart AssociationShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Heart Association - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association7/22/2010USD500000
ADT Security Services, Inc.Shelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Adt - Summer Olympics  Home7/21/2010USD2000000
American Electric Power Company INCShelata 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_AEP_2012-Olympics-Network  Oil Gas and Power4/15/2010USD0
Serta InternationalShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Serta Inc. - Summer Olympics  Retail7/21/2010USD1000000
Royal Bank of CanadaShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Royal Bank of Canada - Summer Olympics  Financial7/21/2010USD500000
Quicken LoansShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Quicken Loans - Summer Olympics  Financial7/21/2010USD1000000
Progressive Insurance CorporationShelata 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Progressive Insurance - Summer Olympics  Financial7/21/2010USD4500000
5 Hour EnergyShelata 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics 2012_5 Hour Energy-Olympics-Network  Non Alcoholic Beverages7/19/2010USD0
Northern TrustClennon 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Northern Trust-Olympics-Network Per client, no interest in pursuing a Rings discussion at this time. Confirmed that client has received JV letter.Financial10/8/2010USD0
ScottradeClennon 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Scottrade-Olympics-Network St. Louis based client, pursuing meeting to align with Edward Jones STL trip in Nov.Financial10/8/2010USD215000
Merrill-LynchClennon 7/19/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_Merrill Lynch-Olympics-Network Discussing Merrill as part of BofA discussion.Financial9/17/2010USD0
Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyClennon 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics 2012_-Olympics-Network Agency in transition. Will look to schedule client meeting to align with Kohl's Milwaukee trip in late October 09.Automotive9/17/2010USD0
Del Monte FoodsClennon 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics 2012_Del Monte-Olympics-Network  Packaged Goods4/15/2010USD0
LuxoticcaClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Luxoticca - Summer Olympics  Personal Care4/9/2010USD0
Walt Disney Parks & ResortsClennon 4/8/201010USD5000000 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Disney - Summer Olympics 9/29 meeting set with agency planners.Travel10/11/2010USD1000000
Delta Faucet CompanyClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Delta Faucet Co./Div.Of Masco - Summer Olympics Scheduling Indianapolis trip to meet with Delta & Lilly clients.. 5/25 Delivered recap to agency.Home10/8/2010USD2000000
ZalesClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Zales - Summer Olympics Holiday & limited Valentines player. Due to Summer timing participation doubtful.Retail9/22/2010USD0
Waste ManagementClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Waste Management - Summer Olympics Developing "green" package to present to client & Agency. To be scheduled on TBD Houston trip.Home9/17/2010USD3000000
Office MaxClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Office Max - Summer Olympics Pursuing client meeting to discuss back to school timing discussion.Delivery Services9/17/2010USD0
Norwegian CruisesClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Norwegian Cruises - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Chesapeake Energy CorporationClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chesapeake Energy Corporation - Summer Olympics  Oil Gas and Power4/9/2010USD0
ChamberlainClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Chamberlain - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/28/2010USD500000
CargillClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Cargill - Summer Olympics Meeting set with agency 10/5. Will develop client game plan based on meeting discussion.Packaged Goods9/22/2010USD0
Nintendo Of AmericaClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Nintendo Of America - Summer Olympics Q4 upfront player. Requesting LA office assistance with SF client.Toys9/17/2010USD0
Careerbuilder.ComClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Careerbuilder.Com - Summer Olympics Lunch with the CMO set for 10/21. Discussing potential SB/Olympic play.Corporate and Association10/8/2010USD0
Bridgestone Americas IncClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Bridgestone Americas Inc - Summer Olympics Drafting Super Bowl Halftime Show/Winter Classic/Olympic investment concept with expected presentation date late Q1 2011. 9/30 meeting set with planning team in Dallas. Will discuss potential of plus-ing up Winter Classic and SB half time show for Olympic investment.Automotive10/8/2010USD0
Morgan Stanley Smith BarneyClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Morgan Stanley Dean Witter - Summer Olympics KM presented JV opt to client 9/21. Briefed agency on JV opportunity and that KM has had conversations with Christine Beacon concerning opporunity. KM has meeting scheduled 9/21Financial10/8/2010USD0
Kellogg CompanyClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Kellogg - Summer Olympics Meeting set for 10/27. Building custom deck with Marketing. Need to discuss what ramifications an exclusive deal with Coke would have on Kellogg creative. In discussions with agency team.Packaged Goods9/23/2010USD0
Hartford Financial Services GroupClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hartford Financial Services - Summer Olympics Agency meeting set 10/5. CBS NCAA tournament must-spend directs media spend.Financial10/8/2010USD0
Hanesbrands IncClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hanes - Summer Olympics 10/15 meeting set with planning team.Apparel and Accessories10/8/2010USD0
Hallmark CardsClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Hallmark - Summer Olympics 10/20 Agency recap set. Coordinating client recap with TBD KC trip.Retail10/8/2010USD1000000
Great ClipsClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Great Clips - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
Go Daddy.ComClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Go Daddy.Com - Summer Olympics Efficiency buying-based client, Monitoring ALAB Sports conversations concerning the SB.Internet10/8/2010USD0
Garmin InternationalClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Garmin International - Summer Olympics Contingent on ATT GPS exclusivities, prospecting with focus on NGB relationship. Looking to discuss how we can highlight their products used by Olympic athletes. Looking to schedule meeting around Hallmark recap.Electronics10/8/2010USD0
WalgreensClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Walgreens - Summer Olympics  Retail4/9/2010USD0
Valero Energy CorpClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Valero Energy Corp - Summer Olympics Per the agency, Valero has been extremely challenged due to the high cost of their refining process and relatively low gasoline/oil prices. All national advertising is in question.Oil Gas and Power9/17/2010USD0
US Air ForceClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- US Air Force - Summer Olympics  Government4/28/2010USD700000
Union PacificClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Union Pacific - Summer Olympics  Travel4/9/2010USD0
Archer Daniels MidlandClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Archer Daniels Midland - Summer Olympics Per client, No consumer facing advertising planned for 2011.Packaged Goods10/8/2010USD0
AarpClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Aarp - Summer Olympics Client based in DC, requesting assistance from KM to setup and deliver client meeting.Corporate and Association9/9/2010USD2460000
Sara Lee CorporationClennon 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon_olympics_Sara Lee Corporation-Olympics-Network 11/3 Planning team meeting set. Pursuing dinner with CMO.Packaged Goods10/8/2010USD0
SuzukiClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Suzuki - Summer Olympics Awaiting Auto category availability direction.Automotive9/22/2010USD0
Southwest AirlinesClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Southwest Airlines - Summer Olympics Direction pending United deal.Travel9/9/2010USD0
Seventh GenerationClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Seventh Generation - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association4/9/2010USD0
Research In Motion (RIM)Clennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Research In Motion (RIM) - Summer Olympics Pending Att handset category decision.Electronics9/9/2010USD5000000
Joe's Crab ShackClennon 4/8/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Joe's Crab Shack - Summer Olympics Will coordinate client meeting with tbd Houston trip.Restaurants9/17/2010USD0
Jack LinksClennon 4/15/201010USD0 LeadOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics2012_Jack Links-Olympics-Network Potential cable play. Creative would need to be vetted with Standards in advance. NCAA presence due to shifting existing SEC FB $ based on product material shortage. 10/5 agency meeting set.Packaged Goods10/8/2010USD0
New York Stock ExchangeNolan 7/19/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonLondon Olympics_NYSE-Olympics-Network Not a Chicago account, MPG NY.Financial9/21/2010USD0
Dairy QueenNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Dairy Queen - Summer Olympics  Restaurants9/21/2010USD0
Russell StoverNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Russell Stover - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods9/21/2010USD1569000
New Line CinemaNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- New Line Cinema - Summer Olympics  Entertainment4/23/2010USD0
1-800 Contacts, Inc.Nolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- 1-800 Contacts, Inc. - Summer Olympics  Personal Care9/21/2010USD0
Eggland's BestNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Eggland's Best - Summer Olympics  Packaged Goods9/21/2010USD1300000
Bausch & LombNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Bausch & Lomb - Summer Olympics  Personal Care9/21/2010USD0
Aviva USANolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Aviva - Summer Olympics  Financial9/21/2010USD0
American LegacyNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Legacy - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD0
American Egg BoardNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Egg Board - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD2340000
American Century Companies Inc.Nolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- American Century Companies Inc. - Summer Olympics  Financial9/21/2010USD0
America OnlineNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- America Online - Summer Olympics  Internet9/21/2010USD0
Alticor IncNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- Alticor Inc - Summer Olympics  Corporate and Association9/21/2010USD0
AIG American International GroupNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- AIG American International Group - Summer Olympics  Financial9/21/2010USD1230000
3M CompanyNolan 4/8/20100USD0 Lead DisqualifiedOlympics-LondonOlympics London 2012- 3m Corp - Summer Olympics  Office Supplies and Equipment9/21/2010USD1450000
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Re: proc report



Unfortunately you have not provided test data - in the form of a datastep.  Also note, as mentioned in your other post, code formatting is important.  Use the {i} above your post to show code, and use consitent indentations and casings to ensure readability.  


As for your output, the simplest method is to create a dataset which looks like your required output - it is very easy to do totals and such like in a datastep, then all your proc report needs to do is print that dataset.  You may also find having a break variable useful, then you can:

compute after break_variable /;
  line ' ';

To add blank lines in.


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