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proc life test, KM method

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proc life test, KM method

Hi ,

I have data as which contains the subjid , time( in hours) taken for the first bowel movement from the time of drug being taken and trtgroup.

subjid       trtgroup          time(in hours)

   1              control              1

    2             control               1

    3            control               2

    4           control                3

   5             experimental       1

  6              experimental        4

  7               experimental       3

I was asked to calculate 

1) P-Value from a log-rank test method and

2)  median time from Kaplan-Meier estimator for each trtgroup.

can anyone help me with the code.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: proc life test, KM method

SAS/STAT(R) 9.2 User's Guide, Second Edition

See the documentation and examples, link is above.

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