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permanent data sets

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permanent data sets

I read in the SAS help documentation about how to create permanent data sets but I'm very confused. My operating system is Windows XP and I usually store my data sets in the desktop directory. I'm trying to use the corr statement,

ods graphics on;
proc corr;
var enginesize weight;
with mpg_city mpg_highway;
ods graphics off;

I know that we are using the variables from the data set. But I want to use the variables from a sas data set that I stored in my desktop. How can I make reference to my data set,

proc corr data=???;

in other words, how can I tell SAS that the data set I want to use is stored in my desktop and it's called let's say lossdata.
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Re: permanent data sets

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libname desktop "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\";

proc corr data=desktop.lossdata;
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Re: permanent data sets

Thank you!
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