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passing arguments to Python using X?

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passing arguments to Python using X?

I'm looking for assistance making a call to Python scripts (from SAS) while passing arguments.


Here's some SAS code.


%LET optionA = C:\temp\some_filename.csv;
%LET optionB = some text with spaces;
%LET optionC = text_with_underscores; 
%LET optionD = ;  /* an empty value */
%LET optionE = 15;

X "C:\temp\ &optionA &optionB &optionC &optionD &optionE";


And here's


import sys

optionA = sys.argv[1]
optionB = sys.argv[2]
optionC = sys.argv[3]
optionD = sys.argv[4]
optionE = sys.argv[5]

print 'optionA: ' + optionA
print 'optionB: ' + optionB
print 'optionC: ' + optionC
print 'optionD: ' + optionD
print 'optionE: ' + optionE

print 'Press Enter to return to SAS'


Running the SAS code results in the Python script executing:





As you can see, optionB ends up being communicated as four separate one-word arguments.


Could someone please point out if there's a universal way of handling this, so each argument can contain any permissible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, and is still treated as a single argument? I suppose some kind of escaping could be used, or maybe there's a completely different approach?



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Re: passing arguments to Python using X?

Try this:

X "C:\temp\ '&optionA' '&optionB' '&optionC' '&optionD' '&optionE'";

Because you have double quotes on the "outside", the single quotes contained "inside" do not prevent the resolution of macro variables.


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Re: passing arguments to Python using X?

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Thanks Kurt.


Here's what I get now:



But I think you've pointed me in the right direction. I now just need to find a way in Python to parse arguments at single-quotes rather than spaces, which shouldn't be a problem.

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