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ods pdf table of contents under the pictures

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ods pdf table of contents under the pictures

Dear expert,


I would like to add the table of contents to the pdf that I am generating but changing the option contents=yes, destroy my file, here my code:


ods pdf file='W:\03-OUT_outputfolder\Actuarial_monitoring_report_&date..pdf'
pdftoc=3 /* controls the table of contents node expansion of a PDF file */
style=plateau /*SASdocprinter SASdocprinter journal minimal Plateau*/;
goptions htitle=10pt ftext="Helvetica/bold";


any hints? Since it is a quited big pdf (25 pages) it would be nice to have a table of contents. As user of the dear old and efficient Latek I was expecting something similar but the pdf building function of SAS look a bit weird, shaping saveral tables is not so straight forward.

Thanks in adcvance for your support,


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Re: ods pdf table of contents under the pictures

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Creating PDF's with nice bookmarks, TOC and such like has never really worked for me in SAS, even with the newer attempts - proc document and such like.  What I generally do is output each to RTF, then have a script create a PDF from them, then you can specify various things on creation - there are tools out there that can help building these.  Alternatively you could use Javascript in ADobe to build your document, haven't tried it myself, was something I have been meaning to look at for a while now.  

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Re: ods pdf table of contents under the pictures

well which is the purpose of rolling out a functionality, e.g. ods pdf, that does not work as expected? :-) Some bugs are acceptable but since we pay for the licence and the functionality is there, even if it is user unfriendly (not the first thing) it should somehow work properly.

SAS is not a weird startup aiming to survive month by month, I guess they developed the functionalit with a minimum quality on it. 

Latek is for free and as old as my granfather and does its job perfectly, I expect from SAS something even better.

I hope some other use can help...

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