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move table left of pdf page in proc report

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move table left of pdf page in proc report

Hi everyone!


I found the codes named Working with ODS Layout in SAS website.  it looks like it works in that example SAS provided, but it does not appear to move the table farther left than from the center when I set x=.25in in the ODS region line.  however, when I set x=5, it does move the table to near the right edge of the pdf page.


Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated.


ods pdf file = '/folders/myfolders/sasuser.v94/odslayoutpage.pdf';
ods layout absolute;
ods region y=1in x=.25in;
proc report nowd data=sales4
style(header)={background=cx494068 color=cxbbb2e0};
columns region city sales;
define region / group;
define sales /analysis sum format=dollar14.;
ods layout end;
ods pdf close;

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Re: move table left of pdf page in proc report


  My suggestion is that you look at the documentation and for some papers by Dan O'Connor, Pete Lund and Barbara Okerson on the use of ODS LAYOUT. I hardly ever use ABSOLUTE Layout. However, the page margins always come into play and I always use WIDTH=. PROC REPORT will try to center unless you use the NOCENTER option. You didn't post any data, but using SASHELP.SHOES, I was able to get this:


  Hope it gives you an idea of what to look up in the doc.



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Re: move table left of pdf page in proc report

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Thank you!  I appreciate your help very much!


Your codes work nicely.  I'll definite take a look at the paper you recommended.



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