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missing data diagnostic macro

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missing data diagnostic macro


I am trying to use a macro for exploring patterns of missing data but have no idea how macros actually work...

At first, I only used the couple of lines of code given in the paper (, but later saw a website where the macro was available for download ( So I copied the entire code from that page and plugged in my info the way it was shown in the paper. But nothing happens - there is no error message in the log, also no output. How do I get the summary tables?

Thank you for the help in advance!

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Re: missing data diagnostic macro

Before calling the macro add the following statement. It will provide details in the log of the code generated and will possibly help:

options mprint symbolgen mlogic;

You might also consider removing the NOPRINT options. That would generate some output that might be getting suppressed elsewhere. If you see lots of no records selected that may indicate your data doesn't match some assumptions of the macro OR that you specified something incorrectly in the macro call statement.

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Re: missing data diagnostic macro

Hi Vonda,


Do you by chance have the entire syntax for the Macro? I am trying to download it but the link from the paper to the Columbia website where you can download it is broken. Thanks!



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