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migrating SAS DI jobs from Windows to z/OS

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migrating SAS DI jobs from Windows to z/OS

HI ,
We are having development in Windows and production in Z/OS(Mainframe).
please let me know is there any document/help which guide how to migrate data and SAS DI jobs from windows to Mainframe(Z/OS) guiding the SAS statements which works in windows and not in Mainframe.

Thank you for your attention.


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Re: migrating SAS DI jobs from Windows to z/OS

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The following SAS DOC should be of use, as it relates to SAS Base and migrating between OS platforms. If you choose a Unix System Services (USS) to maintain your SAS data warehouse in z/OS, rather than using SAS data libraries and catalogs maintained as z/OS MVS datasets, you will see similarities in data structures and hierarchy.

Also, if your application is generating web-content, you will want to consider how and where to publish your SAS-generated web HTML, images and other related code, possibly choosing the HTTP web server, provided with the z/OS base operating system (no additional cost).

It will be important to inventory your SAS DI application components, databases, source code, data mapping tables, external DBMS references, and other matter, in order to decide how best to plan, test and move to the production environment. And, consider the need to develop, validate and maintain a test vs. production (ongoing admin) strategy for your continuous application development operation.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc. - a useful reference, although it relates to SAS version migration.
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Re: migrating SAS DI jobs from Windows to z/OS

Dear Scott,

Thanks a ton for providing the necessary information Smiley Happy

The link suggested by you contains exact information I was looking for.

Once again thank you very much.

Kapil Agrawal
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