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Identify words in a list supplied as macro parameter.

Start with the first word and continue as long as more words are found.

if no further word is found,display a message .*/

what should be the code ?

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Re: macros

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It seems you are trying to solve some homework on this community


Reeza, your views ?

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Re: macros

@RahulG It's perfectly allowed. It's considerate to take the time to ask a decent question however rather than just copy and paste a badly worded question. There's also the question of actually learning something. If an effort is shown to answer the question, ie here's what I've tried and what's not working that's even better. Most of the time someone will answer anyways. 


After a few questions like this I won't however, but that's my personal choice. I don't mind helping people but there's a limit. 


This is all my opinion of course, SAS manages the forum. 

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Betreff: macros

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Some keywords to check:

  • %sysfunc
  • %scan
  • countw
  • %do
  • %if
  • %let
  • %put
  • %macro
  • %mend




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