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looking for 15’ percentile

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looking for 15’ percentile

dear SAS community,

i hope i can describe what my question is.


i’ve been trying to analyze a sample through percentiles.


i’ve used the tool “statistiche di riepilogo” which translated could be something like “summary statistics”.


in option, i can tick 1. 10, 25, 50, 75, 95, 99 percentile.

but i want 15!


anyone can help?


i’ve already tried to change the codes but, when i write p15 it  reports me this p15 as an error.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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Re: looking for 15’ percentile

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When using the "statistiche di riepilogo" you will be automatically generating PROC MEANS code. Unfortunately, PROC MEANS does not support custom percentiles as you're asking for. You can, however, use some other procedures such as PROC UNIVARIATE or PROC STDIZE. I recommend PROC STDIZE but you can see examples of both used in this blog post.


Here's a [slightly modified] snippet of code running the STDIZE procedure as you are looking for.

proc stdize PctlMtd=ORD_STAT outstat=StdLongPctls
var mpg_city mpg_highway;
proc print data=StdLongPctls noobs;
where _type_ =: 'P';
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