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list of jobs from putty to excel

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list of jobs from putty to excel

Hello friends, please help if possible,


I am trying to get list of jobs (bjobs -u all) running on grid (sas 9.4 Linux) environment to excel (via putty) to see how many users having long running jobs and then attach excel report to email to send all users. is there a way to do it? I want to do all automatic fashion - may be via EG code or putty command lines or so? is there a way to do it? - thank you

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Re: list of jobs from putty to excel

Why create an Excel file when putting the report on the web will be much easier? Then you don't have to deal with email attachments, you only need to notify users that the report has been updated.


To get the output of the command into SAS, do this:

libname oscmd pipe "bjobs -u all";

data jobs;
infile oscmd;
  ...... /* list variables, positions and formats according to what the bjobs output looks like */

Of course, you need xcmd capability to run external commands.

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