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license mechanism

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license mechanism


Can you please tell me the license mechanism in SAS.

Ex: We have one Unix server where 400 users running SAS on this server.
In this case what is the license machanism, how many licenses required in this case. ( Only Base SAS) .

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Re: license mechanism

That's a question which the person "owning" SAS in your company has to ask the account manager from SAS looking after your company.

The kind of license you need will depend on several factors.
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Re: license mechanism

I agree with Patrick for a definitive response.

Generally the SAS license for Unix is a function of the number of CPUs (effectively, the "size" of the server), not the number of users. On the margin, a 4 CPU server costs twice a 2 CPU server. There may be a different charge for the first CPU or some other minimum charge approach (Support is not a linear function of the number of users, or CPUs.).
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