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libref too many characters

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libref too many characters

I am attempting to access a file called bsl. It is located in a libname called datashare_N which is obviously more than 8 charaters.  Therefore the following code will yield an error;

data test;

set datashare_N.bsl;


Is there a workaround for this because I attempted to find the path using putty.  However because there is a requirement to type in a password to see the tables in the libname, I get an acess denied when attempting to get the full path.

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Re: libref too many characters

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The libref must be 8 characters or less.  However, in the libname statement, you can specify the password.  Take a look at:

SAS(R) 9.3 Statements: Reference

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Re: libref too many characters

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The environment version and usage is not mentioned.

When using BI/DI server (EGuide) libnames can have very long names as defined  in the SAS metdatabase.

The real used name is translated to the one having the 8 character limit.

When the table is a physical location on the OS you can get its physical name. When it is RDBMS that is impossible.

The statement:" Libname _all_ list ; "  will show all technical libname defiitions 

_all_ is the * mask like indication it could be your specific libname.
Showing .requesting details in EG will also let you view the details.

The %sysfunc(pathname(yourlib)) will give the physical path of the libname on the Unix Server.

The filelist option in EG will serve you with a lot of the same functionality as in Unix.

What is the thing you are trying to achieve?

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