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libname --- meta library='~' metaout=data;

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libname --- meta library='~' metaout=data;

I had ran the program below.


" libname adb meta library='S_A_DB' metaout=data; "


However the message has been shown below.


" ERROR : Name for reference to library has not been assigned. "



Please teach me the reason why this happened and the answer to solve.


And what effect does the program below run?

libname --- meta library='~' metaout=data;



I'd appreciate for your answers.

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Re: libname --- meta library='~' metaout=data;

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Hi Kokodenden52,


While I never encountered this error before, I can try to help. Would you have the actual log of the run?


Also, seeing the metadata definition for this library may be useful.


I see you use "METAOUT=DATA", are you sure this is what you wanted? This is basically going around the metadata and thus removes most of the benefits of having the metadata server in the mix...

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