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libname in local host

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libname in local host

Hi to all!!

I use Enterprise Guide in order to write sas code in My local host.

I haven't SAS server in in my host but only Enterprise Guide.

I connect my host to remote SAS server(Unix) by Enterprise Guide, and we write the sas code in local host, but it's like to run the sas program in remote server unix.

When I define the libname in EG, it recognizes only the directory path of the remote server Unix ( ex:    libname pippo "/base/pol/...."Smiley Wink..

I need, to declare a libname that recognizes also the local directory path of my computer local host, for example:   LIBNAME save "C:/program_files/sas";

Is it possible to do this?


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Re: libname in local host

The problem is your SAVE libname will run on the Unix SAS server and it will not be able to reference your C drive. The usual way to reference a specific drive on a different Windows computer is to use a URL:

\\computername\directory. Your Unix server would have to be able to 'see' this location by having the computername part defined on the network and the directory defined as a "Windows share". This would have to be sorted out by your IT admin staff. I take it you are aware of EG's download data task which will accomplish the same thing but not automatically?

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Re: libname in local host

Answer is yes. But it is another question for your IT department guys .

You can set up SIMBA at UNIX for seeing your windows directory .

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