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leading zeros

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leading zeros

1.  Do you see a problem wtih having a field that has different length numbers (Type 1 has 10 digits, Type 2 has 8 digiits)   that may have leading zeros  if I want to do Update the Master table with a transaction table or match merge or deduplicate?

2.  How would you export the file into MS Access with the correct number of leading zeros retained?

ID                             Type

0123948578                1

0593827108                1

2983748597                1

02498377                    2

00938478                    2


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Re: leading zeros


if your question is about zeros ...please try this..

format id z5.

For  5 digits ....

format id z10.



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Re: leading zeros

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Thanks!  How do you export the same field with two different lengths into a MS Access database retaining the leading zeros?  The only way I can think of is if you break the 10-digit facilities into 1 dataset and the 8 digit facilites into another dataset and format them separetly using the z format?

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Re: leading zeros

To ensure you retain leading zeros while exporting it would be preferable to convert ID to character columns:

if type = 1 then ID1 = put(ID, z10.);

else if type = 2 then ID2 = put(ID, z8.);

Its good practice to store IDs as character anyway so things like leading zeroes don't get lost.  

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Re: leading zeros

Thank you ! Very helpful!!

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