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insufficient authorization

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insufficient authorization

Hi, experts,

i am using enterprise guide 7.1 to output a pdf file

this is the code.


 filename gsasfile pipe 'lp -d HP_4700_GH -onb';


below are the two  error messages i have been receiving.

ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access PIPE.
ERROR: Error in the FILENAME statement.


can someone heop me on that?


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Re: insufficient authorization

What happens if you use the same command from a command line on the SAS application server: lp -d HP_4700_GH -onb? Do you get the same error? This is a permission problem with your user account on the SAS application server so you should talk to your server administrator to fix it. 

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Re: insufficient authorization

Looks like your server has set NOXCMD option.

Use one of these commands to see your current settings.

%put sysfunc(getoption(xcmd));
proc options option=xcmd; run;

If it is off then you need to talk to your SAS administrator.

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Re: insufficient authorization

I'm slightly confused. 

To create a PDF file can you use ODS PDF with a path to a folder that you have access rights?


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