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import xml schema into sas

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import xml schema into sas

I am facing some problem to read xml schema into sas through SAS XML Mapper.

At the same time xml file I imported but in this time am getting each variable as a data set, so is there any solution to get all variables in one data set.

If manually I imported some variables am not getting all observations in my file one variable containing one observation and some variables containing more than one observation in this time am getting only one observation from all variables.

So please help me any one how to use “Enumeration and retain” options in SAS XML mapper.

Thanks in advance.

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import xml schema into sas

I moved your post into this community in the hopes of finding someone who can help you.  Two references that you might want to check out:

The XML mapper documentation

The Tech Support problem submission form in case you don't get what you need

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