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import csv.gz windows

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import csv.gz windows

HI all,

First I downloaded the Gzip:

Gzip for Windows => downloaded: Complete package, except sources

1) In  the command prompt:

                          "C:\Users\sbrpac>"C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\gzip" -cd "C:\data.csv.gz"

Returned only the first row of the csv only (column names), even though when I open the csv it has more than 1,000 rows.

2) In SAS

                    %let File1="C:\data.csv.gz";

                    %let dir=C:\"Program Files (x86)"\GnuWin32\bin\gzip;

                    Data result_data ;

                         filename file2 pipe %unquote(%str(%'&dir -cd &file1%'));

                        infile file2 dlm="|" LRECL=32767 truncover  dsd firstobs=2;

                        ..... run;

Returned an empty table.

Do you know what might have I done wrong?

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Re: import csv.gz windows

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Have you tried it without all of the macro variables and quoting functions? As in typing all of the file name without them.

The filename line generated resolves to :

filename file2 pipe 'C:\"Program Files (x86)"\GnuWin32\bin\gzip -cd "C:\data.csv.gz"'

Which has perhaps too many quotes.

You can submit the filename as a separate statement from the data step and see if you get a successful assignment.

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