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how to save posts?

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how to save posts?

Hi all,

Since I found out the forum in October, I have learned a lot from you. I'd like to save some of the posts for future reference. I plan to create a file looks like:

/* data loading issues */

saved on 12/03/2011.

/*How to Split a row to multiple rows?*/   http:*//

saved on 12/03/2011

Do you think it will work? what is the best way to do it?

Thank you!

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how to save posts?

Linlin,  Your suggestion/question dovetails with three of the projects I have been attempting to organize over the last few months, namely using as the vehicle for placing forum, SAS-L and SGF links to documentation, exemplary papers and posts for every SAS function, statement, and proc.

An example can be found at:

The reason I recommend that approach is to enable the effort to be accomplished and accessed by multiple people.  I haven't publicized the project, as yet, because I'm working with the sasCommunity executive board to determine the best way to organize the effort.

That project is close, but tied to SAS statements rather than problem statements.  A slightly different but related approach, using the same vehicle, is the way I attempted to organize a SAS-L thread to which people spent a number of years contributing tips.  The link to that effort can be found at:



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how to save posts?

Hi Art,

Thank you for your contribution to the Forum.  Please let me know if I can be any help to your big project.

I used to save the solutions provided by you, Ksharp, Tom, Peter, Mike and Matt in a folder in my Favorites. when my computer had problem one day, all the links I saved  disappered.

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how to save posts?

Cllick Bookmark this in Actions Panel at right hand, maybe helpful.

But I did not used it never before.


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