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how to make use of a trained network?

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how to make use of a trained network?

a network has been trained using the below statements (if it is correct!)

proc neural data=vivian.hyper dmdbcat=vivian.hyper1 graph;

arch mlp hidden=3;

input x y z/ level=interval id=i;

target acceptability / level=interval id=o;

train out=vivian.outn outest=vivian.outw outfit=vivian.outf;

save network=vivian.hypert;


how do one make use of the trained network above to form a new network, where if one just adds the value of the inputs x y z, will be able to get the target 'val' (being a binary value '1' or '2' / 'yes' or 'no') automatically? (plz correct if the above trained network is wrong)

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