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how to import raw data set - linux

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how to import raw data set - linux

Hey guys

I am using SAS Studio for the first time and I am going to fail because I don't know how to import my data sets.

The data is saved in a simple .dat file.

I thougth with this command it would be done:


     infile "/home/myname/documents/Uni/Fishery Science/statistic/SAS-Makros/secretname.dat";

     input kcal 6.2;


but the following error message occurs

ERROR: Physical file does not exist, [...]

So p l e a s e  help me, I have never worked with skripts before and I am quite desperate Smiley Sad

...and please be kind, I am just a simple student girl with no idea of statistics and computers :smileysilly:

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Re: how to import raw data set - linux

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Are you using full SAS Studio or the free University edition. 

If the latter then it is running in a virtual machine and so you cannot directly access your home directory files.  You need to put the files into the directory that is shared with the virtual machine and reference using the path as seen by the virtual machine.

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