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how do i create a bar chart in sas?

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how do i create a bar chart in sas?

hello community,

in my question i have two variables. no of runners and the people. could some one tell me how do i create histogram using only these variables and i want people on the X axis and the no of runners on the Y axis. here is how my data looks like and my question has got many rows.

No of runners     people

9                         182624

9                         131906

10                       206702

11                        231925

16                        126903

25                        169032

i am very new to sas.

please suggest. Thanks for your time. Smiley Happy

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Re: how do i create a bar chart in sas?

Do you need to aggregate your data first?

Because you have multiples on the No of runners so it isn't X axis.

Or do you want a histogram for each variable.

Some procs to look into:

proc univariate - histogram statement.

Proc sgplot - hbar/vbar/hbarparm/vbarparm statements.


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Re: how do i create a bar chart in sas?


thanks for your support and time. this is help ful.


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