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Re: Beginner Help

Obviously this is a homework assignment and we do not know what the instructor intended by using the word iteration.

With regards to B, I think there are many ways to get this done. You have suggested one such way.

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Re: Beginner Help

"For which iteration"  ... think of this as meaning "For which observation in the data set".  Technically there can be a slight difference but that's the essence of the meaning.

For B, it sounds like you are allowed to use the results of the MEAN function, plus your knowledge that there are 5 data values used to compute the mean.  Use those in programming the formula.

Good luck.

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Re: Beginner Help

Maybe I'm lazy but std = square root(var) so square std would be my quick and dirty if not allowed to use VAR function.

BTW, did you notice that all of the values in the second line of data are the first line with 8 added to each? Explains why the variance is the same.

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