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Hi All,

The new upgraded discussion forum looks cool.

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Re: hi

Except from a few privacy issues where I think we should have got better instructions from the very beginning.

I.e. if i click on your profile I get also a tab "SASPhile's stuff". Not that I believe it's a tragedy that I can see this - but do you really want it this way?

What I liked less was that my email address was exposed to all registered users after migration to the new forum. I don't remember having set that and I would have expected that all new features would be set to "my eyes only" per default.

I would also like to get a function/report where I can see how others can see me (depending on the relation (i.e. "friend") I have with them.

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Patrick wrote:

I would also like to get a function/report where I can see how others can see me (depending on the relation (i.e. "friend") I have with them.

Try this.

  1. On the upper-left corner of the welcome screen where it says Welcome, your-name, click your name.
  2. On the right-hand side of your profile page, under Actions, click Edit profile & privacy.
  3. Click the Privacy Settings tab.
  4. Look for Preview your profile on the right-hand side,
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Tim is correct in his answer.  You can easily see what other users can see about your profile by following the instructions in his response.

It is a little confusing, because when you are logged in, you see your full name and your email address.  That is not how other people see you.  When we created the profile settings, we set them to the most restricted.  Only your username (ForumID) is available to users unless you give them permission to see otherwise.

Note that a couple of settings in the privacty settings are set to "Friends",  We did this on fields that are blank by default to give you some indication of how other settings work.  You can set all fields to "Yourself" for the most secure settings.

Just remember, you don't see what others see, so be sure to check Preview your profile from the box on the right of the privacy settings tab.

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Hi everyone,

I, too, think this is a nice look. Although content is a priority over cosmetics anytime.

One thing I took a quick look for is how to invite others to join. For some reason, I did not find it yet.

Any clues? :smileyconfused:


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