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ftp code produces warning

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ftp code produces warning

I am retrieving a directory listing used in ftp upload

%let HHF_host=********;             /* Machine to connect with ftp      */

%let HHF_userid=******;              /* ID to use with ftp command       */

%let HHF_ftppwd=********;                /* Password for the ftp userid      */

%let workpath =  %sysfunc(pathname(work));

filename dir ftp '' ls cd="/inbound" user=&HHF_userid pass="&HHF_ftppwd" 

         host="&HHF_host" prompt;

data folders;

  infile dir missover truncover;

   input name $;

   call symput('F'||trim(left(_N_)),compress(name));


I get the following warning WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference DIR not resolved.

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Re: ftp code produces warning

Does one of your passwords include an & character?

You might want to use macro quoting to prevent the macro processor from trying to expand the value.

Personally I normally include the quotes into the macro variables. This makes it possible to use single quotes around passwords that contain macro triggers.

%let HHF_ftppwd='********';                /* QUOTED Password for the ftp userid      */




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