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filename socket to exchange binary files

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filename socket to exchange binary files


I am testing the filename socket access type with the aim of transferring binary files between two SAS sessions, i.e. send a binary file from the client session, the server session should receive the file and make a copy on the server where it runs. The binary file to be transferred can have any length. I have found many examples that show how to send an ASCII file and how to transfer a SAS Dataset by serializing on the client and deserializing the data on the server, but the behaviour I am after would be similar to that of an ftp client sending a file to an ftp server.

What I am looking for is something like the code below which would work for any file.

On the server (i.e. on machine ""):

filename srv socket ":5100" server;

data _null_;

infile srv;


file "/srvpath/myCopiedBinaryFile.bin";

put _infile_;


On the client

filename client socket "";

data _null_;

infile "/clipath/myOriginalBinaryFile.bin";

input; /*The input here should ideally read the whole file*/

file client;

put _infile_;


There a options for file type (A or B) and fixed length, streaming and others, but I have not managed to make it work, I don't even know if it is at all possible.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: filename socket to exchange binary files



If over a client/server SAS connection why not to use the proc download/upload procedure with the BINARY option?


More on download procedure here:


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