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extract from teradata

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extract from teradata

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Hi All,



I am trying to extract data from teradata.

i am using Pass thru to do this, i need to extract only the records which have an expiry date greater than today.


I have created a Macro variable tdy, as this code needs to be run daily only the stores keeps changing.


Where a. Exp_date > &tdy. and Sales GT 500 and Store_loc in ('xxxxx','yyyyy','oooo','zzzz');


but i am getting more records when i am extracting  the data using SAS pass thru facility but when i run the similar query on Teradata

i get less number of records .


Where a. Exp_date > Current_date  and Sales GT 500 and Store_loc in ('xxxxx','yyyyy','oooo','zzzz');


And also i need to pass few Store names  in the Where clause as shown in the above where clause. i am planning to do this by passing the comma separated macro variables.


I have already read in the stores details in a comma separated macro variable but i am struggling to get this macro variable in.


Any suggestion or guidance is helpful.











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Re: extract from teradata

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Post your code and log if available. Make sure you also post the bit which shows us to what the macro variables you're using in your code resolve.


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Re: extract from teradata

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"Similar"? Explicit pass thru means that you actually are executing within teradata.
It seems you have a simple filter which means you don't gain anything by doing an explicit pass through.
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Re: extract from teradata

Hi All,

Thank you for the suggestions, I was trying to compare the Dates in Teradata and SAS
I have figured out this and it is working for me.
Where Cast(Sales_date as date) > %unquote(%str(%'&td.'%)) ;
Here I have read the &td consists of todays date (&sysdate) in the desired format.

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