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export txt file to FTP

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export txt file to FTP


I want to know that if it is possible to export a sas table or txt file from enterprise guide to a FTP location. 

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Re: export txt file to FTP



The FILENAME statement can create a connection to an FTP site as the destination of any SAS procedure or process that writes to a fileref.


You may not want to use a native SAS file format as there are issues about cross operating system compatibility but Proc CPORT creates files intended for that purpose and the companion Proc Cimport will recreate SAS datasets. Proc Export may be all you need to create txt files though you may have to worry about FTP settings for plain text not binary transfer.

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Re: export txt file to FTP



You can use filename statement below.

filename server ftp "/ftp01/ftp_lib/&sasData..TXT" host="XX.XXX.X.XX"
user="my_user" pass="my_pass" ;
data _null_;
infile "/my_out/&sasData..TXT" recfm=n ;
input x $char1. @@;
file server recfm=s ;
put x $char1. @@;

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