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excel libname guessing rows

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excel libname guessing rows

having a bit of trouble - reading data out of excel
so thought I'd try the user community for support (as well)

client data now has some blank rows (apart from one cell with a second column heading) before the "amount" data starts.
Unfortunately now, the first amount is in row 11 - beyond the depth of the default search for data-type metadata. Previously the data started straight away so there was no problem determining that the column should be numeric.
This is a locked down dest-top environment so "fixing" the relevant cell in the windows registry looks like being the very-slowest solution.
I understand "guessing-rows" is a PROC IMPORT option - but my application is using a "common macro" that uses the libname engine to proc copy all ranges/objects from excel that appear in that libname without a $ in the name.

So here's the question >>>>
do you know of a Libname statement option for SAS Access to PC files that alows the excel "guessing rows" to be specified?

peterC In earlier thread瞥 Doc@Duke points out that a SAS solution to avoid a registry change is unlikely :-(

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Re: excel libname guessing rows

the only way would be creating in excel by a way or another
a named range restricted to the correct area.
As the named area are in fact the object without $ and you are copying them!
the sheet name are appearing with a $ if you use a libname with engine excel .

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