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error while reading xml file

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error while reading xml file

I get the below error message when reading xml file.

Is it something i am missing


ERROR: Some code points did not transcode.
occurred at or near line 69, column 311
ERROR: XML parsing error. Please verify that the XML content is well-formed.


Please help


filename SXLELIB 'C:\CTgovAE.xml';
filename SXLEMAP 'C:\';
libname SXLELIB xmlv2 xmlmap=SXLEMAP access=READONLY;

data add;
set SXLELIB.primary_outcome;

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Re: error while reading xml file

I would imagine - though can only guess as I have no information to work with - that at line 69, column 311, there is a character that does not fit into the character set you are using, or that your XML is not a proper XML file.  The former would be my guess, look at the file in textpad or using a hex editor, you will likely find a strange symbol there.

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Re: error while reading xml file

Probable cause: your SAS is not configured for UTF support, but the XML contains UTF characters.

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